Flax Farm Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

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Linseed Oil / Flaxseed oil

Quality for Maximum Health and The Best Flavour

A Pure Rich Source of Omega-3

A Food and A SuperFood An Essential Fat     Anti-inflammatory Healthy Heart and Cholesterol    More Comfortable Joints    Healthier More Beautiful Skin    Fitness for Sport    Healthier Immune System

Cold-pressed linseed oil is a nature's richest source of Omega-3 - a pure choice for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.  Omega-3 is an essential fat that like vitamins we have to get from our diet.  The many other fats, nuts and seeds in the modern diet makes it all the more important to increase the intake of linseed oil to rebalance omega-3.

  • “People who have tried both fresh and old flax oil sometimes go to great lengths to get it air-shipped fresh.”
  • “When someone tells me they have tried flax oil and don’t like its taste I suspect they have not tried fresh flax oil”
    Udo Erasmus, 1986, 
    Fats that Heal..


A Traditional Food and A Super Food

Cold-pressed linseed oil has been used for centuries in Europe, especially the Saxony area of Germany where it has always been enjoyed in traditional dishes. Linseed oil with potatoes and cottage cheese is the national  dish of the area. The mild flavour associates well with many foods. More recently linseed oil has been found to have great benefits for alleviating and preventing many 20th century western inflammatory and degenerative conditions.  Scientists, including Dr Johanna Budwig, have identified that it is the omega-3 which gives linseed oil its reputation for health.


The natural way to get enough Omega-3 in your diet

"the nicest alternative to butter"

Linseed oil is a completely natural way to get your omega-3. It has a very nice mild taste and can be freely added to smoothies, soups, vegetables, pasta and salads in the same way you would extra-virgin olive oil. A good daily helping of omega-3 is provided by 1-2 teaspoons for adults and a few drops to half a teaspoon for children. Nutritionists often recommend up to 2 tablespoons for many conditions and for developing muscle in body builders and athletes.

It is very common for people to get too much of the other dietary fats which promote inflammation and not enough omega-3; a frequent result is inflammatory condtitions including arthritis, backache and muscle pain.  Linseed Oil being rich in omega-3 provides the body with the nutrient to produce the anti-inflammatory hormones that help relieve pain, encourage healing and keep joints mobile. 

Health From Before Birth

During pregnancy the absolute purity of Flax Farm linseed oil makes it an ideal choice for the omega-3 that goes to build all the new cells, including your baby's brain and immune system. Mothers with a higher level of omega-3 have been shown to have better milk production and less post-natal depression (baby blues).


Linseed Oil is good for health and beauty.

Omega-3 promotes healthy cholesterol levels, correct blood pressure and improved mood and mental wellbeing. It boosts the immune system and the anti-inflammatory action helps keep joints supple and calms irritated skin, Use linseed shining hair, clear smooth skin, strong nails, helps correct weight, grow lean muscle and helps burn off fat and prevents cravings

Linseed oil, aka Flaxseed Oil, is a key component in many weight loss diets, and is used by athletes and body builders to improve recovery time and build lean muscle. Linseed oil can be used freely to rebalance omega-3 in the body when symptoms associated with low omega-3 first appear.

Linseed oil and fresh oily fish a couple of times a week helps provide ideal levels of omega-3.

Outstanding Quality

Our Linseed oil is produced using traditional gentle methods to the highest modern standards and packed in dark green glass bottles. Flax Farm Linseed Oil is a great source of omega-3 for the whole family especially children. Its exceptionally mild flavour makes it easy to incorporate into everyday foods and makes an easier, purer alternative to fish oils or capsules.  

How Long will it take to improve health?
Benefits to the skin maybe noticed within a few days but systemic improvement usually takes longer.  Sometimes it can take months to ease symptoms of long-standing conditions but all the time the linseed oil is working invisibly at a cellular level  to rebalance fats and protect the body from disease. 

How Much?
Getting enough omega-3 in the diet is as easy as adding a daily helping of 1-2 teaspoon of Flax Farm linseed oil to food, ½ teaspoon for children or ¼ teaspoon for toddlers.

Omega-3 Linseed (Flaxseed)  Oil for Vegans and Vegetarians  

 Linseed (also known as Flax/Flaxseed) Oil is completely  vegan and is an ideal source of omega-3 for those who don't eat fish.


Our capsules contain the same high quality cold-pressed linseed oil in a choice of softgel or vegan vege shells. These are a convenient choice for those who want the benefits of linseed oil but don't have time to eat regular meals or for travelling.


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