Budwig Muesli

Budwig muesli with berries

Budwig Muesli is more than just the flax oil cottage cheese cream for the Budwig diet, it is an excellent way to use Flax Farm cold pressed linseed oil as the cottage cheese makes the omega-3 more easily digested and absorbed,

Budwig muesli is a good breakfast for people with digestive problems. It is wheat-free, gluten-free and designed to help normalise your digestion.

Diabetes: Dr Johanna Budwig recommended the diet to treat people with type 2 diabetes. The ground linseed helps to make it a good low GI breakfast whilst getting all the omega-3 and antioxidant benefit of fruit and berries.

A customer’s recipe for a simple cough remedy


Customer testimonial to linseed for coughs

We were interested to get this testimonial and recipe as we have had other customers swearing by linseed tea for even the most persistent coughs.

The cough remedy recipe from Jo:

“I have a recipe, well it’s sort of a recipe. It’s what I take when I have a cough or sore throat, like now. 🙁

Boil 2 tablespoons of linseeds in 2 cups of water until the liquid turns to a glue like consistency. Takes probably about 5 minutes. strain the linseeds out, and add a good squeeze of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of honey, drink when still warm. I take it twice a day, it’s very pleasant.

Kind regards


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Editor’s reply: Thank you Jo, I am going to get my sister on it this winter!

Note: if when you make this it seems a bit too gloopy to drink just add a little extra hot water to itto make it thin enough to enjoy the drink.

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