What is the best way for adults to use Linseed (flax)?

All our linseed products are a great addition to your diet to help keep you looking and feeling great.


Flax Farm Ground Linseed stirred into yoghurts or smoothies is a simple and convenient way to make a big difference to health and wellbeing. Ground Linseed is a prebiotic, it helps form a healthy digestive tract which is fundamental to the immune system.

Flax Farm Linseed Porridge and Muesli, including fruity and gluten-free varieties are low GI and sustaining (so less fattening), a good source of omega-3, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In one meal they provide several important but hard-to-get-enough-of elements of a healthy balanced diet. And they taste great!

Flax Farm Cold-pressed Linseed (flax) oil capsules are a great way to add that essential extra omega-3 to guarantee the all important regular daily intake in your diet.  If you need to top up on your omega-3, if you work out, have been ill or run down, or your immune system seems weak or over active try adding a bit more omega-3 by using Flax Farm Cold-pressed Linseed Oil for salads, instead of butter on toast, in smoothies, dips etc.

Flax Farm’s Flaxjacks are delicious flapjack style cakes and an easy way to get all of the goodness of ground linseed and the health benefit of extra omega-3, fibre and lignans. Try a Flaxjack a day instead of other sweet snacks.

Pregnancy and Parenthood

Before starting a family both men and women need the very best nutrition they can get. Omega-3 is important for parents hormones to improve chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy. Flax Farm Cold-pressed Linseed Oil is natural, unprocessed and has none of the drawbacks of pollutants associated with fish oils. Our Linseed oil is almost 60% omega-3; a great top up for your health and your growing baby.

Omega-3 is also essential for both mother and baby when breast feeding. A time when the mothers body might need extra nutrients during this demanding time. Cold-pressed linseed oil is a rich and natural way to add these all important nutrients, and is so easy to incorporate into your existing diet. When you share your meals with your baby it’s simple to incorporate into existing recipes, for example you could use linseed oil for mashing potatoes, drizzle over toast or pasta, or stir through yoghurt. Make sure dad gets his share too; omega-3 is helpful for everyone to cope with the stresses and strains of parenthood.

Middle Age and Elderly

As we age our bodies may need a little more help to stay fit and healthy. Over time we have been exposed to years of unbalanced and inflammatory fats. Omega-3 is an anti-inflammatory fat that helps to keep you looking and feeling great. It helps your joints, immune system, brain and heart. We recommend Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil as one of the first things you consider adding to your diet to maintain health and vitality.

Over the course of time our digestion often starts to slow down and become problematic. Help restore your regularity and digestive resilience with our ground linseed. Or try Flax Farm Porridge or Muesli for breakfast and a Flaxjack with your coffee and see how different you can feel.