Cold-Pressed Linseed (Flaxseed) Oil for Dogs

Natural Omega-3

One of Nature’s richest sources of omega-3 makes our cold-pressed linseed oil a great supplement for dogs. Flax Farm’s cold-pressed Linseed oil is completely unprocessed and unrefined so it contains its naturally occurring co-nutrients which are all part of its efficacy.

Supple Joints and Keeping Dogs Mobile

A healthy balanced diet and regular exercise helps keep dogs healthy.  Play and walks keep joints and muscles working the way they should. Try linseed oil as a support for older dogs. Older dogs, like people often have arthritic joints and bad backs. The spaniel above was diagnosed with both and Flax Farm cold-pressed  linseed oil keeps him moving. He is now seventeen and a half and  still regularly jumps the fence!

Glossy coat healthy skin

Linseed oil seems to have an affinity for the skin and has always been famous for giving dogs a natural  show sheen to their coat. Even these neutered spaniel at seven and seventeen have glossy coats and haven’t succumbed to the dry wiry hair spaniels so often get. Also useful for itchy skin and to keep longer and wired hair coats in good condition.

Glossy coats on two spaniels aged 7 and 17, Both fed Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil.

Better Balanced of Fatty Acids in Diet

Just as we need omega-3 dogs do too. Our own diets are too high in omega-6 fatty acids and too low in omega-3, so are dogs’. Most dog foods are high in omega-6 and low in omega-3, even raw meat is relatively high low in omega-3 because so livestock is fattened on grains and cereals rich in omega-6. So linseed oil which is just on 60% omega-3 enables you to restore the balance in your dogs diet. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid for building healthy fit bodies from pups onwards and our cold-pressed linseed oil is a great way to add it to their diet.

How to Feed Flax Farm Cold-Pressed Linseed (Flax Oil) to Dogs

Dogs love the taste of our lovely linseed oil. Simply add directly to food, whether kibble, wet or raw food.. Feed Flax Farm Linseed (Flax seed) Oil as the omega-3  part of your dog’s daily diet. The amount you feed depends on your dogs weight,  If you need to feed more it is best to divide your dogs food into two meals.

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