List for changes to Flax Farm WP site as of 29/05/15

List for changes to Flax Farm WP site as of 29/05/15

Code changes listed so far. Let’s compile a combined agreed list somewhere ready for Mark?

The priority is to tidy this site up and get the shop working and ready for launching. We need to discuss the possibilities.Also look for problems, that I haven’t noticed. Suggestions for simple quick improvements to improve customer experience and encourage sales. Keep it simple. 
 ++ Make all references of the telephone number click to call on mobile – so far the ones I’ve seen are This needs to be kept an eye on but appears to work
 ++ H2 tags are currently in white font therefore not showing (ALONG with other items) I have been putting H2’s to black but it needs to be dark so as to show on pages.
 ++ Create a solid brand coloured banner that is behind the navigation buttons within the header they are lost inside the header image done
 ++ Remove the price range detail on each product page THIS IS CRITICAL done
 ++ SHOP PAGE – create page to be full width with products rather than right aligned. I have tested using other page templates such as ‘100% full page’ to little effect Shop pages need to be made to look nicer. How? Maybe put in widget as Richard suggests and showing categories. Please can we discuss options as regard a nicer layout. ***Categories and recently viewed product widgets added to shop page and product page. Hidden on smaller screens.***
Products on shop pages Will be better if they don’t have that banner across them which obscures half of each product.,
Product pages When pictures come back from photographer they need adding to shop all done the right sizes and shapes! What are the sizes?  *** 450px x 450 px will work best for page loading times ***
 ++ On mobile devices some items are NOT mobile responsive. On my phone such as the ‘Linseed for your Wellbeing’ headline is too big. Front page text needs to be responsive and the right size. This may have been corrected by upgrade  ***This may be fixed. Can’t find any issues***
 ++ The shop product thumbnails are too big and need to resize on smaller mobile devices. There’s too much scrolling through deep categories Look at mobile app in future but that’s the way this is. No shop link on mobile. Richard raised ticket. What happened?
Bottom scrolling image gallery looks nice but waving/rotating testimonials get lost and look messy, what can be done to make it look tidy? No essential but can the text be made to show better? Simple solution needed. Suggestions.
Recipe pages, Flaxipedia, blog Different post types need to be made to go to the right pages and categories there so can be easily selected from. ***Need to discuss the recipes function***
On the front page there is too big a gap part way down page on Welcome to Flax Farm block, I think it wants a slider or something to show. Can it be tidied up?
Again like a blog: the new super recipe doesn’t seem searchable properly from recipe pages Recipes are working but want them to display better and be fully searchable by ingredient, cuisine (vegan, gluten-free) or type (- breakfast, etc)  ***I imagine this would just need the correct tagging for each recipe***
Bottom/footer  looks ok on a mobile but doesn’t look good at all on a pc. Can there be more definition/size to make it more readable/colour contrast. not really very important. ***Now matches the header***
Need to put in a twitter feed Where? how?  ***Recommend in a sidebar. Can go in footer but would mean filling the footer with other widgets. Your thoughts?***
What goes on the little rotating banner at the bottom of date posts pages etc? This is a bit untidy and inconsistent. What can be done to improve?.This needs to show a selection from latest page, post, recipe, flaxipedia, blog activity and product.  I very much like the fact that it offers a selection of all these types.***I have adjusted a carousel to show products and articles. Let me know which pages you want this on. See About Us as an example***



Search function This does not work properly and is not positioned correctly in centre of the lower dark grey bar below the banner picture . to fit in middle not top edge. The top one needs moving as we only need one!!!  ***This appears to work well now***
How to make blog? And flaxipedia HOW DO YOU DIRECT DIFFERENT POSTS TO DIFFERENT BLOG TYPE PAGES Please explain to me how I get a post/recipe/blog-post/flaxipexia post end up showing on the right pages in the right way. I need to be able to direct new posts etc to the right page.What options do I have for layout of the flaxipedia, blog and main recipes page?***Not clear on this. Chat about it?***
Tags and categories showing under posts Or is there good reason? Should they show?  ***These make navigation through the site easier and can also help SEO. I would keep them there***
Improve look of front page on that pictre and the mauve boxes. Colours of text and boxes need to be made to look nice. Colours, main pic and add a cut out of products in front of blue fields (?) or a market stall (?) artistic creativity needed…New product pictures on way. Could cut them out and show in front of backdrop of field?Don’t really like the mauve blocks but these need changing when we select the best picture for front.Similarly the grey blocks (Banner row – 3 column zoom effect) (I probably need better wording and use of those grey blocks)Suggestions for front page .Then implement.   ***I think the picture works well. The orange font looks bad and could do with changing***


I have got more pictures of the fields of linseed growning in fields in flower and ready to harvest. I think we should use flowering linseed mainly as that is what people think of it as looking like.

I also have all new product pictures coming from photographer.

Having cart there in widget is an option but would prefer it to just have well spaced & nicely laid out product categories.  ***Categories added***
I want shop products always to be in a standard  default order.
“More info” area too low down because pics are too big. They need making smaller.  ***These images are responsive. Keeping them all uniform size (450px x 450px) should sort this out*** No Table of contents – why? ***Re-jigged this page a bit. Is a table of contents neccessary here? ***
On all the individual  “products” from main menu there needs to be an option to buy that product from each and maybe an alternative product option too. How can this be done, ***Not clear on this one. Maybe a chat about it?***
 I think the “front page”main pic needs to be different but how?
 WHere have the actual products gone?How can I make the categories go in the right order on shop? (I very much want animal products as far away as pos)How can the products be made to go in set order?