Flax Farm is 100% GM-free

Linseed in full flower

UK-grown GM-free linseed (flax)

At Flax Farm we have always been passionately anti GM.  All our linseed (flax) is always 100% GM free and always will be.   There are so many ways GMO’s are wrong. We believe GM foods are bad for your health, your countryside, wildlife and ultimately the health of every person in the World.  It is not just Luddites against GM; see Dr Mercola’s articles to get more information about what’s wrong with GM.

Keep Triffids out!

Triffid is a Genetically Modified flax which contaminated Canadian and world flax for years. It infiltrated widely the Canadian linseed (flaxseed) crop when it was grown illegally.  Serves them right for growing it in the first place and ironic it was called Triffid !  GM can’t be controlled other than banning it altogether. Read more about Triffid, the GM flax in Canada and other parts of the world

Flax Farm help us keep GM out and support British farming 

Help us keep the UK GM-free.

union_jack- Flax Farm supports non-GM and British Farming
Flax Farm supports non-GM and British Farming


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