Supporting the OMS community

We were delighted to be invited to support the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis One Day Summer event by providing each attendee with a sample bottle of our Flax Farm Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil.

OMS connects people with MS, their family and carers with the latest scientific research and advice from the inspirational Professor George Jelinek.

We are getting great feedback in the office about speakers A/Prof. Craig Hassed and chef Jack McNulty who presented ‘Getting to grips with OMS – from Meditation to Food’ the two pillars of the OMS Recovery Program. People especially enjoyed the live cooking demonstration with tips to make food on the OMS diet delicious as well as healthy.  We have our own OMS-friendly, no dairy, no saturated-fat recipes on the Flax Farm website; one of the latest is our dairy-free,
saturated fat-free, sugar-free ice cream which is amazingly delicious and easy to make and contains loads of omega-3 from our lovely cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil – its sooo good!

book omsWe have the latest copy of Professor George Jelinek‘s “Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, the evidence based 7 step recovery program”,  which for a book with so much science behind it is an easy read.  This fascinating book is both incredibly informative, optimistic and practical in its advice for PwMS.  For those who have been recently diagnosed with MS and didn’t get to the event you may qualify for a free copy from the OMS website.  Reading the book has inspired me to be a bit stricter with my own diet; I am loving the food and quickly feeling the health benefits.

We hope you enjoyed the OMS Summer Event and continue to find the OMS programme beneficial.  If you want any information about using our cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil please feel free to call or email :  01403 268844 or

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