Flaxseed for growing and making linen 10sqm gardener’s pack


Grow flax in your own garden

Use to seed an area of 10sqm for a block of blue flowers and seedheads to attract birds or process into linen. Great project for kids.

This Flaxseed (Linum Usitatissimum)  grows into the traditional fibre that is woven to make linen. This fascinating crop was one of the first crops ever cultivated. It has been grown for thousands of years to produce high-quality fibre to make lines for fishing, nets, ropes and fabric.

  • A great introduction to the crop.
  • Full instructions on growing, harvesting and processing
  • Beautiful blue flowers and attractive seedheads.
  • Easy to grow and harvest
  • Simple to process with simply made tools.
  • Grow your own linen
  • Great addition to flowerbed or wild garden

Gardener’s Pack, 6-7 tea towel size

Sow over 10sqm, harvest in 100 days.