History of Flax and Linseed

Linseed a superfood with a long traditional

Flax and linseed are both names for products derived from the plant Linum usitatissimum. Generally, in the UK, the Latin routes of its name “linseed” refers seeds and  flax from a Germanic language is the name given to the fibre in the stems used to make linen.  In the UK when the crop is grown for making linen it is call flax and linseed when it is grown for seed, whether it is for eating or pressing as oil.  Flax Farm takes great pride in UK-grown linseed and keeps to the traditional name,

Ancient crop

Linseed was one of the first crops to be domesticated by man. There is archeological evidence for linseed plant, Linum usitatissimum having been used by people for fabric  for over 30,000 years.  The seeds of the original domesticated wild plants iwould have been rather smaller than todays’s improved variesties undoudedly people would have eaten them.   s most likely they ate the seeds people for at least  and were probably used as food for lot longer.  The first use we have heard of was a pa;eolithic man who had come to his end in a peat booog 15,000 yearsyears ago.

Ancient Superfood

Ancient fabric


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