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Engevita Nutritional Yeast Flakes


Engevita nutritional yeast is a completely natural food which is a rich source of B vitamins. It has a savoury flavour that’s a bit like Parmesan cheese. It is a handy addition to the healthy eating larder for adding extra flavour and goodness to a wide range of meals.

  • Great added to foods with oleolux
  • Tasty & savoury. Tastes like Parmesan cheese
  • Low calorie
  • No salt
  • No sugar
  • Rich in B vitamins
  • Very low fat
  • Good source of protein
  • Lots of fibre

Marigold Engevita Yeast Flakes

Engevita nutritional yeast is one of those rare things that is a healthy option which tastes great. This is useful for anyone trying to keep calories down, lower cholesterol, reduce salt, avoid dairy or just want to add more vitamin B to their diet naturally.

It is produced specifically for human consumption from a strain of yeast called Saccharomyces Cerevasiae. It is not the same thing as brewers’ yeast or the yeasts people have digestive problems with. It is simply been is deactivated to make a highly nutritious food. It is a complete protein and is particularly rich in B vitamins. It is also low in fat and sodium.

How to Use Engevita nutritional yeast

Use as you would parmesan cheese. Just sprinkle or stir Engevita onto/into soups, stews, casseroles, salads, sauces lentils and sandwiches for a rich savoury flavour. Use on mashed or baked potatoes, steamed veggies, stir-fries, risotto or buckwheat. Or add to recipes that call for grated cheese.


Dried inactive yeast.



Yeast Flakes Nutritional Information

Per 100g: Energy 1500kJ/357kcal, Protein 45g, Carbohydrates 33g (of which sugars 1g), Fat 5g (of which saturates 2.5g), Dietary Fibre 20g, Sodium 1g, Phosphorus 1200mg, Magnesium 180mg, Iron 4.5mg, Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 15mg, Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 25mg, Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) 150mg, Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6) 1.8mg, Folic Acid 23pg, pantothenic acid 1.3mg

Weight 195 g