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So-Sweet, Stevia Liquid – 10ml


Calorie-free, natural sweetener 100% stevia leaf extract. 10ml handy size.

This So-Sweet, stevia liquid is an amazing zero calorie sweetener to make food sweet and delicious when you are trying to get slim, fit and feel healthier.

  • 100% Calorie-free
  • Carb-free
  • Sugar-free
  • No alcohol
  • No additives
  • Non-GM; GMO-free
  • Natural, traditional, paleo sweetener
  • No aftertaste

Ideal for weight-loss and diabetic diets or anyone wanting a healthier alternative to sugar of chemical sweeteners. Suitable for Paleo and Budwig diets. Use 3-4 drops of Stevia to replace 1 teaspoon of sugar. Great in tea or coffee and cooking,

Plant photos by Ethel Aardvark from Wikicommons.



Stevia Liquid: a simple plant extract

This is a completely natural sweetener extracted from leaves of Stevia rebaudiana using just water. It is clear and flavourless, just sweet.  Good in tea, coffee, cooking and desserts.

Natural traditional sweetener

Stevia rebaudiana is a plant grown in South America and traditionally used by natives because for its sweet flavour. Discovered by the West in the late 1800s. It was grown by Kew Botanical Gardens during World War II as an alternative to sugar when it became scarce.

Pure, sweet and calorie-free

The naturally occurring sweetening compounds in stevia leaves, steviol glycosides, mainly stevioside and rebaudioside which are 250-300 times sweeter than table sugar. Stevia is also called  candyleaf, honeyleaf, sweetleaf, sweet leaf, and sugarleaf. This concentrated extract of sweetness is completely pure, calorie-free and carb-free. It has intense sweetness so you only need a few drops.

Completely “free-from”

No GMOs, no added chemicals, bulking agents, flow agents, preservatives, flavours or glycerine

A sweetener can be suitable for diabetic, weight-loss and other health diets

This stevia extract is a zero calorie alternative to sugar which makes it a great aid for lowering your sugar intake and keeping food tasting great. It is also suitable for the Budwig diet and paleo diets. According to research stevia helps reduce cravings.

Reducing sugar is recommended for almost all conditions and to improve health. Stevia is completely sugar-free and can be used diabetic and weight-loss diets.

Digestion friendly

Stevia has other benefits over other sweeteners. Unlike sugar and other sweeteners stevia liquid doesn’t affect gut flora, doesn’t feed bad bacteria, candida or yeasts. So-Sweet stevia helps support a healthy gut biome and comfortable digestive tract.





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