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Traditional Raw English Honey


Beautiful, fragrant, cold-extracted honey.

  • Raw, unprocessed
  • 100% natural
  • Produced in Surrey
  • The hives are carefully placed to avoid non-organic crops

Thick or runny honey?

This is a natural unprocessed honey and sometimes sets quite quickly.  If you have a particular preference for thick or runny honey please let us know in the notes/comments on the order form.  We can’t guarantee but we will do our best to find the sort you prefer,



Raw cold-extracted honey

Product information:

  • 12 oz (340 g) Jars
  • 100% pure,  natural, cold-extracted and raw
  • Produced by Jim Chambers of Lintrathen Apiaries in Berkshire
  • Magic
  • This honey isn’t certified as organic because bees cannot be completely controlled!

Storage and Shelf-Life:
Store in a cool dry cupboard out of the light
Best before is about 12 months. In reality honey lasts almost for ever and doesn’t need a best-before or use-by date!
This honey is completely natural and as such tends to set. This depends on what plants the bees are foraging on.  If your runny honey has crystallised and you want it runny simply put it in a saucepan of warm, not hot, water until it clears
Flax Farm has used Jim Chambers honey for many years.  He was a fellow farmers’ market stallholder.  We have always been impressed by him and his beautiful, natural honey.  His bees bees forage naturally for nectar in wild areas, woods and gardens in rural Surrey and Berkshire

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