Old linseed & flax remedies

Linseed, liquorice and chlorodyne remedy

Some fascinating remedies from the collection

There is no smoke without fire, there is good reason linseed has been used as a remedy for thousands of years; it works. 🙂

Linseed is useful in many forms. It is especially popular as a remedy for persistent coughs, catarrh and asthma. It has many more interesting uses as a remedy. Continue reading

The Linseed Lancers: the Royal Army Medical Corps

Scan10010Linseed Lancers, linseed’s medical history

The Linseed Lancers is nickname of Royal Army Medical Corps. It refers to the use of linseed in poultices which was one of their remedies, always available even when they didn’t have anything else to offer.

Linseed poultices

Poultices were used to draw out infection, reduce swelling and pain. Continue reading