Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil for Poultry & Cage Birds

Flax for Hens and Other Birds

DIY-Omega3-Eggs! For omega-3 eggs and meat, or just healthier hens.
Naturally hens should get omega-3 in their diets which they put into their eggs but modern poultry feeds usually contain little or no omega-3 so the best way to ensure the nutritional value of your eggs is to feed Flax Farm Cold-pressed Linseed Oil for hens

DIY-Omega-3 Eggs!

Omega-3 eggs for your health,EPA, DHA & ALA, 

For Omega-3 eggs just add the linseed oil to your hens’ corn scatter for their evening feed, or add to some porridge oats which seems to be the way they like it best.   Feed at the rate of 500ml per 25Kg ration.

The hens will convert the omega-3 in the linseed oil,  AlA, alpha-Linolenic acid partially into DHA, Docosahexaenoic acid and EPA, Eicosapentaenoic acid, which are the same sort of omega-3 as you get in fish oils.

Available in 500ml, 1litre, 2.5litre, and 5litre
Cold-pressed Linseed (Flaxseed) Oil for chickens and poultry
For DIY-Omega3-Eggs feed Flax Farm Cold-pressed linseed oil to your hens every evening in their corn feed.

For glossy healthy plumage

  • Helps dry skin & itching,
  • Helps protect against scaly leg mite
  • Boosts the immune system
  • All-over health
  • Aid to fertility and health of chicks
Flaxseed Oil Sheen on poultry and protection from Scaly Leg Mite

Parrots and Cage Birds.

One of the Flax Farm customers sent us an article from a cage bird magazine; amazingly there was an article by a specialist parrot vet who explained that parrots and other cage birds often get a diet with unbalanced fats in it due to eating too much millet, sunflower seeds (these especially are very high in omega-6) and nuts. This causes the bird to get too much omega-6 and saturated fat which causes a similar collection of health problems to those seen in people when they don’t have enough omega-3 in their diet; arthritic joints, atherosclerosis, heart disease, dry scaly skin, poor quality dull plumage and depression; some birds stop singing and others get fractious, noisy, pull their feather out and have other behavioural problems. The solution was to feed more omega-3 in the form of linseed.


Cold-pressed linseed oil for hens and poultry

Feeding Whole Linseeds: Top tip

Birds prefer gold linseed to bronze. So if you want to feed whole linseed the gold variety is what your birds want. This applies to all species from wild birds to hens and pigeons. The birds can be a little reluctant to eat the bronze linseeds but take to the gold ones better.

Want to put a gloss on your birds? Linseed is well known for improving the shine on the coats of show horses and dogs, and has a reputation for making pigeons’ feathers more waterproof. So why not give it a try for that extra edge in the show pen or even just because you want your hens to look healthy.

Whole gold linseed and flax plant
Whole gold linseed


One of the old-time tricks for getting exhibition poultry into peak condition is to feed them cold-pressed linseed oil. Speaking from personal experience; it seems to works. The birds here get linseed oil regularly and have beautiful glossy plumage.


Apparently feeding linseed to pigeons “helps waterproof the plumage” according to the pigeon racing experts. Give yourself the racing edge or for showing and feed Flax Farm linseed oil and whole linseed.

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