What is the affiliate scheme?

You are probably already a user of Flax Farm flax (aka linseed) products and know how good they are for health and taste.  Like us, you probably recommend these products to friends and relatives to try to help them.

We have created the affiliate scheme as a way that you can help spread the word to your friends and contacts (this can be anyone who sees your website or sees your posts on social media) about how using flaxseed (linseed) the right way (lots of information to help with this on can help improve and maintain health then we can thank you with a generous commission for Flax Farm Products anyone buys on our site after being introduced to Flax Farm via your link.

Who can be a Flax Farm Affiliate?

Anyone who has a Flax Farm account  and has a computer, Don’t worry if you aren’t particularly technical the technology is simple and well explained.

What are the advantages of Flax Farm Linseed

Flax Farm is a small artisan producer with 20 years’ experience, including many farmers’ markets, Borough market and a very successful, much enjoyed website shop and recently a mini farm shop in West Sussex. We make flax products here in the UK and they are as good and fresh as flax can be. We specialise in UK-grown and organic flax (same as linseed) for flavour and health.

Our enthusiasm and attention to quality means our fresh flax products taste amazing. Our cold-pressed flaxseed/linseed oil is renowned for tasting mild and being a delight to use. We might be biased but because our customers tell us so often we believe we offer the best-tasting range of flax products in the UK:

  • Flax Farm cold-pressed flaxseed/linseed oil is mild, creamy and buttery, range includes UK-grown, Organic and High Lignan
  • Freshly cold-milled ground flax – bronze & gold – with a lovely mild fresh flavour.
  • Flax/linseed Porridge and Muesli, for delicious breakfasts, 25-33% ground flax, are high-fibre, low carb, sugar-free, higher protein, rich in omega-3 and very sustaining. A great way to start the day with the benefits of flax. Naturally gluten-free
  • Flaxjacks® are our unique healthful bars each with a good helping of ground flax for its healthful goodness and lovely rich, buttery flavour  The range is 100% naturally gluten-free includes free-from options, dairy-free, vegan, egg-free, nut-free, sugar-free/no-added sugar ,

All our products are designed to taste great and give you a meaningful helping of flax so you can enjoy the difference it can make to your health.

Flax Farm Flax for professionals

Flax in its ground or cold-pressed oil forms can be the quickest, easiest step to improved health.

A lot of health practitioners would like to be able to stock our products but might not have enough turnover or space. Being an affiliate solves these problems and ensures your client always gets the freshest flax.

If you are a mainstream or alternative health practitioner, lifestyle coach or sports trainer then good quality flax products can be good for you and your clients. Flax Farm flax products offer great choice and nutritional quality, i.e. we make sure our products really have the nutrients people need for health, wellbeing and fitness.

The great flavour of Flax Farm products means your clients will happily incorporate it into their diet and get the health benefits you intended for which they give you as the professional credit.

How does it work

Once you are an affiliate you create links from your website, emails or social media post and once some one clicks on that link  and follows it to our website, any Flax Farm products they purchase will have the value in your account. Then a commission which be generated and assigned to you and you will be notified of your earning, Once the commission grows to £x.00 we will make a payment directly to you.

  • Commissions start at 7.5%
  • When total sales exceed £y your commission raises to 10%
  • When total sales exceed £z your commission raises to 12.5%

Payout Terms

As soon as your account credit reaches £25 we will make payment to you directly via PayPal

What is your first step to becoming an affiliate?

Click on the affiliate registration button. We need to approve all new affiliates and will send you an email with your Flax Farm Affiliate ID and all the necessary information to get you up and running. Once this is done you will receive your  and then you are ready to go.

Register now.

Or just get in touch and we can take your details process your affiliation over the phone

Any Questions? Please Phone or Email us

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