Sugar-free Diet

Can you eat linseed(flax) on a sugar-free diet

Flax Farm linseed is a great food for a diabetic because it contains virtually no available carbohydrate, starches or sugars..  The total available carbs and sugars are approximately 1.5 % which means each tablespoon contains only a fifth of a gram

Not only does linseed contribute almost no carbohydrate to your diet but it contains lots of fibre, both soluble and insoluble, that can help slow the rate you absorb other carbs or sugars from a meal which which is a good thing for blood sugar levels as well as keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

Flax Farm Ground linseed sugar-free gluten-free food
Flax Farm Ground Linseed

Flax Farm ground linseed (flaxseed)

Ground linseed contains only 0.2% carbohydrate in each helping but it is a good source of vegetable protein, rich in omega-3, high fibre and contains antioxidants

Cold-pressed unrefined linseed flax seed oil
Cold-pressed unrefined linseed flaxseed oil

Flax Farm Cold-pressed linseed oil

Our linseed oil is 100% sugar-free and carb-free. It is a very source of omega-3, approximately 55%.

Suggestions for using linseed in a sugar-free diet

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Replace a third of the oats in your porridge with Flax Farm Ground Linseed

Use Ground linseed for sugar-free bread, crackers or cakes

Add to yoghurts to make a satisfying meal that has no added sugar