Our flaxseed recipes are light, bright, tasty & healthy. Nice enough to put in front of the kids or dress up for dinner parties but being aware of keeping low GI, low sugar, low in saturated fats, vegan and veggie options.

Most importantly, it’s great tasting food!

Please try these easy flaxseed recipes for yourself and share them with friends & family. They will thank you for it and so will your body.

"Cheesy" Drop Scones
2 Minute Flax Muffin
Baba Ganoush Aubergine Meze Dip
Banana, Berries and Linseed Semifreddo Ice Cream (Sugar-free, Saturated)
Blackcurrant Ice-Cream with linseed (dairy-free, sugar-free and no saturated fat)
Breakfast Linseed Smoothie
Budwig Cream, no saturated fat
Budwig Muesli
Chocolate Linseed Mouse (Quick, Easy, Healthy & Delicious!)
Dairy-Free Flax Oil Butter 1, Simple spread
Dairy-Free Flax Oil Butter, 2
Dairy-Free Flax Oil Butter, 3 Savoury
Dairy-Free Flax Oil Butter, 4 Oleolux
Drop Scones, gluten-free, vegan, saturated fat-free
Flax and Kale chips
Flax Biscuits; sugar-free and gluten-free
Flax crackers
Flax Farm Leafy Salad
Flax Farm Simple (Omega-3) Linseed Vinaigrette
Fresh Bircher-style Apple Muesli with and Linseed Breakfast
Fruity linseed breakfast
Fruity Seedy Grain-free Linseed Muesli
Gluten-free Linseed (Flax) Crackers
Healthy Chocolate Semifreddo Ice Cream (Sugar-free, Saturated)
high protein fruity linseed (flax) and Skyr breakfast bowl
Linseed Pinni Laddoo Energy Balls
Linseed Pizza Base
Linseed Pizza Base (Vegan)
Linseed smoothie
Linseed, turmeric & cauliflower bread
Malt loaf, gooey, squidgy and wheat-free
No-sugar Chocolate Linseed Fudge
Pineapple, Banana and Passionfruit Ice with Linseed (dairy-free, sugar-free and no saturated fat)
Quick Linseed Pizza
Quick Mincemeat Linseed Porridge Fruitcake (gluten-free)
Raw Sprouted Buckwheat and linseed porridge with fruit
Raw Strawberry and Linseed Porridge
Romesco Sauce
Simple Flax Bread, Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Carb-Free, Vegan, Paleo
Simple sticky 2 ingredient molasses flax bars
Simple strawberry, banana and linseed omega-3 smoothie
Zesty, Seedy Breakfast/Dessert Bowl with Lime - vegan and paleo