Linseed oil can be used for a healthy stir-fry

Wholesale Linseed, Flax and our Lovely Flaxjacks®

for Trade Customers

We supply wholesale and bulk linseed (flax) to trade customers. Whether you are a shop, a bakery, food producer or health practitioner we can supply you on a wholesale or affiliate basis.

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Flax Farm top quality and flavour. wholesale linseed and flax products for shops, bakers, food producers and health practitioners.

  • The best tasting and freshest UK-grown cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil. Bottled and bulk.
  • Freshly pressed organic and high lignan cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil.
  • Whole linseed/flax
  • Freshly ground/milled linseed/flax.
  • Flax meal, flax flour, flax bran.
  • Our unique and original Flaxjacks® ideal for delis or anywhere with discerning health conscious, foodie customers. Includes dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free.

Our amazing Flaxjacks®

Unique, delicious, healthy Flaxjacks are delcious and healthy with “freefrom” options. They are available in many varieties packed in singles or four-packs or available in freezer packs for catering and cafes.

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