Low Carb-Keto-Paleo – Linseed | Cold-pressed oil | Milled | Handmade Flaxjacks

Flax (linseed) is probably the best food for low carb, low GI, ketogenic and paleo diets.
Fresh, great flavour flax products, all gluten-free suitable for keto, paleo and diabetic diets,
If you are following a Low-Carb diet you may be interested to try our Lower-sugar and No-Added-Sugar Flaxjacks. They are created to give you the healthy benefits of no-added sugar (or reduced sugar), high fibre and good fats (omega-3).
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Extra Value Packs


Budwig Diet Products

Cold Pressed Linseed (flaxseed) Oil – 250ml


Budwig Diet Products

Cold Pressed Linseed Oil (flaxseed) – 500ml