Flax Farm Certification & Allergen Status

Flax Farm is proud to be part of a number of initiatives and certification standards.

Certification standards refer to the specific requirements and criteria that must be met in order for a product, process or service to become certified. Meeting and documenting compliance with all aspects of the organic certification standards is mandatory in order to get and maintain organic status. We are proud and pleased to meet these standards.

Organic Status and Certification




Organic certificate and trading schedule 2024-2025

Gluten Free Status

Flax is naturally gluten free. We process only flax where we press the oil and mill the seed in order to keep it free from gluten.

Our Gluten Free Declaration is here Flax Farm Gluten Free Status

Allergen Status and Information

Flax is not a nut, it is completely unrelated to wheat and other cereals that  contain gluten. It is not related to any of the 14 top allergens. ** Top 14 Allergens: 1) Celery ,2)Cereals containing Gluten, Wheat(Rye, Barley , Oats), 3)Crustaceans 4)Eggs, 5)Fish, 6)Lupin, 7)Milk, 8)Molluscs, 9)Mustard, 10)Nuts, 11)Peanuts, 12)Sesame seeds, 13)Soya, 14)SO2 (Sulphur dioxide).  Flax Farm Allergen Declaration

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If you have any questions about our production and free-from standards,  please contact us.