Cakes that can be good for you!


Blueberry Flaxjacks Gluten-free Linseed Flapjacks

Blueberry Flaxjacks Linseed Flapjacks gluten-free naturally

The linseed in Flax Farm Flaxjacks® makes them delicious and also positively healthy.

World’s best flapjacks? Healthy with ground linseed

“Wow! ”   “The King of Flapjacks!!”  “These are sooo good….” “Amazing! ”   “What can I say…?” “Oh, fantastic – I am so glad to find you again” 

We’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve said our Flaxjacks® the best-tasting flapjacks they’ve ever had.

After 12 years we’ve just about got the message and we are thrilled people like them so much.   We’d like to thank our customers for their support, encouragement and suggestions for new flavours.

Now you don’t have to go to Borough Market for them; you can buy them online

Our freshly ground linseed is the (not so) secret ingredient. These are the most wonderful, light but filling and sustaining, tasty and, gorgeous, utterly delicious, flapjacks – which as a bonus are healthier too: they have less sugar, less butter and all the nutritional benefits of ground linseed.

* Always Wheat-Free * Low GI * Rich in Omega-3 * Lot’s of Fibre * Rich in Lignans *

Flaxjacks are one of the world’s culinary successes; Flax Farm ground linseed adds the magic flavour and extra nutrition. Each flaxjack contains as much omega-3 as a mackerel as much fibre as a bowl of branflakes and a useful helping of lignans.

 It’s the freshly ground linseed that makes them taste great and just as a bonus it makes them good for you!

Our Flax Farm Flaxjacks® are simply flapjack-type cakes made with lots of our lovely freshly ground linseed meal. We made them to be healthy, but no one seems to care about that; people just like them a lot!

Always Wheat-Free 

Flax Farm Flaxjacks® are naturally wheat-free. The traditional ones are just rolled oats and freshly-ground bronze and gold linseed and we have gluten-free and vegan options. Flaxjacks® have less butter and sugar than ordinary flapjacks and up to two dessertspoons of ground linseed in each cake so you get  a powerful daily helping of omega-3, fibre and antioxidant lignans . They’re a great way to get kids eating healthily. They sustain the body and facilitate the slow release of energy.

Our Flax Farm Flaxjacks© are available from local shops, selected Farmers’ Markets, Borough Market in South London and directly from our website. If you are interested in larger quantities please phone Clare on 01403 268844 or email   Buy Flaxjacks online  l  Trade Enquiries[/col]

Flaxjacks® taste amazing and are amazingly good for you

Flaxjacks being made with large amounts of ground linseed are really high in several important nutrients:

  • Omega-3
  • Tummy-friendly dietary fibre, both soluble and insoluble
  • Lignans

Made from just natural ordinary and super ingredients; ground linseed, whole grains and alternative grains like quinoa, fruits, seeds and spices.

Flaxjacks are healthy little flapjack cakes

Healthy, slow release, sustaining energy bars. Extra protein from the ground linseed and rich in omega-3. Great for luchboxes, breakfast on the move, hiking, cycling, riding and perfect with a relaxing cuppa.

Always no nuts. no wheat, no atificals, no GM

We make several special diet options too so everyone can enjoy them; gluten-free, low sugar, no added sugar, dairy-free, vegan and no saturated fat varieties. Nothing artificial, just real food: real fruits, seeds and spices.

Do Flaxjacks have noticeable health benefits? Yes!

We make a big range of these lovely cakes because they taste great and we know people love them. We have also discovered that people are putting them in their lunchboxes because that heaped tablespoon of linseed in every Flaxjack makes them feel great. What they have told us is they buy our Flaxjacks regularly they because they notice the difference.

Special uses for Flaxjacks

Supporting a healthy digestion

As a souce of fibre Flaxjacks are a  useful addition to the diet for adults and children to support a healthy digestion; keep them happy with a lovely vanilla Flaxjack and solve any tummy problem naturally.

Low Sugar and sugar-free cakes

If you are diabetic you will be pleased to know we make low sugar vanilla Flaxjacks with less sugar and extra linseed.  Recently we have added a  small range of no added Flaxjacks, rich in veggies, with natural fruits and some xylitol to help keep you blood sugar levels stable.

HRT cake/”Sheila cake” 🙂

Ladies have you ever tried the Australian invention for ladies going through the menopause, HRT cake, aka, Sheila Cake? Now there’s something better! Flaxjacks contain even more lignans and omega-3 and they are more digestible because we use ground linseed – and we all think a whole lot nicer. Our Low Sugar Vanilla actually contains extra ground linseed and even some more sprinkled on the top to give you plenty of lignans for your hormones and it’s a lovely cake to enjoy with a cup of coffee.