Perfect Poo

Getting your poo right is important for health benefits

Your poo is a complex product of your food, your digestive juices and enzymes and your gut flora.  You can alter the consistency and regularity of your poo by changing your food, which in turn changes your gut flora. You can also change your poo by the nutrient content in your diet. Correct nutrition enables your gut wall to react with the right digestive juices, lubricants and strong regular peristaltic movements.

So much of our health depends on what goes on in our gut, from creating and absorbing nutrients to our immune system that it is very important to get it right.

For most people, when their poo is better they feel better!  The form of your stools (poo) depends partly on the time it spends in your colon. The ideal or normal stool is comfortable to pass and indicates regularity, colon cleansing and health.

Good poo is a sign of good health; it is also a lot more comfortable. Linseed is an excellent source f fibre and fibre can be an aid to a healthy digestion.

Bowl of Gluten-free Seedy Linseed Porridge/Muesli
Bowl of fibre-rich Gluten-free Seedy Linseed Porridge/Muesli

Bristol Poo Chart


Which is your poo?

The Bristol stool chart was developed by doctors as a tool for use when discussing their patients’ stools. Obviously there is a lot more to poo than the shape but the right poo with the right form tend to be much healthier than those at either end of the Bristol poo scale.

The Bristol Stool Scale or Bristol Stool Chart or Meyers Scale is a medical aid developed at the University of Bristol.  It is a useful way to categorise poo. However there is a bit more to the whole experience of passing faeces.  Regularity, soft texture, able to be passed with ease and the actual make up of the bacteria in the poo are all important for your comfort and well being. A good digestion also absorbs nutrients better.

The health of your poo is important. Your poo is a sign of the health of your digestion a process which underlies all the processes in your body.

Flax Farm’s range of fibre rich foods include:

  • Whole linseed
  • Ground linseed
  • Linseed porridge and muesli (including gluten-free)
  • Flaxjacks

Food rich in fibre made from Flax Farm linseed.

Food rich in fibre made from Flax Farm linseed.