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Linseed (which is also known as flax) is a supremely nutritious food and supplement. Just a little can make a big difference.  Flax Farm was started almost fifteen years ago. Since then we have seen it do so much good and it is true to say we are even more enthusiastic about it now than when we started!

Specialising in quality and flavour

No matter whether you want to use linseed for health purposes or just as an everyday food the flavour of linseed matters. We select the very best linseed in order to make great tasting foods and flavour is a good measure of quality when it comes to linseed and we want you to enjoy it.

Real foods that is tasty and healthy

To us linseed is more than just a supplement or “superfood”.  It is a great tasting healthy ingredient for everyday meals. Flax Farm produces a range of great tasting foods, including breakfasts and cakes made from freshly cold-milled ground linseed .

  • Fresh cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed)
  • Whole linseed
  • Freshly cold-ground milled ground linseed
  • Porridge, muesli and FlaxjacksÒ made from ground linseed

We specialise in UK-grown linseed and though currently organic source organic linseed from abroad are certified with  Currently sourcing our organic seed from abroad ensures quality.   Organic Farmers and Growers.

Sustainable omega-3

One of the things we love about linseed is it is a rich natural source of omega-3 which comes from a renewable, sustainable source instead of taking fish from the oceans. If you currently use fish oils try our cold-pressed linseed oil and we think you too will be glad you made the change.

Linseed (flax), natural, pure, non-GM and organic

Organic registered, Eu

It surprises many to know that linseed, also known as flax, grows well here in the UK.   We specialise in UK grown linseed.  We are registered with the Organic Farms and Growers. We prefer to get our our organic linseed grown in the UK currently it is sometimes sourced from abroad in order to ensure quality but we are looking forward to forming new partnerships with UK organic growers.

Flax Farm is always non-GM and use no GMOs in any of our products/ Fresh linseed (aka flax) is a wonderful food. It tastes naturally delicious and doesn’t need anything doing to it other than cold pressing for oil or cold-milling it to make it more easily digestible. At Flax Farm that’s all we do to it. To make our range of breakfast cereals and Flaxjacks® we simply add ordinary simple ingredients which include whole grains, fruits, seeds and spices.

Flax Farm created to share the benefits of linseed

Linseed (flax) has so much to offer and we want to spread the word and share the benefits with you!

  • Suggestions to help you get the best from linseed
  • Original recipes (English ingredients & measurements)
  • How to incorporate linseed into special diets

Featured Products

Personal and trade customers equally welcome

Flax Farm at Local Farmers' Markets
Flax Farm at Local Farmers’ Markets

Meet us at markets, try our products, talk to us about linseed (flax), find out about the best ways to use it and buy fresh linseed.

We love meeting our customers and are very happy to discuss with you any questions you may have about linseed (flax). Find us at markets and shows, online or by phone 01403 268844 or visit us just near Horsham where we have a small shop and bakery – but do call us before visiting,

Catch us at farmers’ markets:

Walton-on-Thames Farmers’ Market

9:30am – 2:00pm, 1st Saturday of each Month (but not January). Held outside the Heart Shopping centre in Walton, Details

Epsom Farmers’ Market

1st Sunday every Month,. Epsom High Street, just under the clock tower.

Kew Farmers’ Market

1st Sunday every month,  Just outside the Kew Gardens underground station.

Guildford Farmers’ Market  

1st Tuesday of the month. Guildford High Street.

Wallington Farmers’ Market

9am -1pm every second Saturday of the month. Held at the Old Town Hall and Library Gardens in Woodcote Road, Walliington, Surrey. Details

Farnham Farmers’ Market

4th Sunday every Month. Victoria Road carpark, in the centre of Farnham, Surrey.



Linseed growing in the UK

A field of Flax Farm linseed growing in the UK

The blue flowers of a field of linseed in June

Linseed seedheads ripe

The ripe linseed crop ready to harvest.


Harvesting linseed.

mixed products c200g

Flax Farm linseed ready to enjoy; a range of simple, delicious and highly nutritious food.