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The Journey Started with feeling healthier

Welcome to the Flax Farm.

I started my journey with flax/linseed in 2004 when a friend gave me a bottle of cold-pressed flaxseed oil that he’d pressed himself. Four days later I was already noticing the benefits on my skin. Flax showed me how much food could affect health, it was the first rung on the ladder to changing my diet and lifestyle to good effect.     This developed my fascination with healthy eating and I started Flax Farm to make wonderful flax products to help other people benefit from flax’s almost magical health properties.

Our aims at Flax Farm are to  to help people to use flax in the best way for their needs which starts with making quality foods that are delicious and brimming with the nutrients that deliver the health benefits we associate with flax. I think we have been successful in this respect because of the number of people who started buying our products just because they enjoyed them but many years later are still loving them for their health benefits.

Flax is still commonly known as “linseed” in the UK but because we had a stall at London’s Borough Market we used “flax” in our name. For health purposes linseed and flax are exactly the same thing.

Freshly Cold Milled Ground Flax and Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil for Health

My mission for Flax Farm, is to help others use cold-pressed flax/linseed oil and ground flax in the right way to improve their health; and to make the best tasting linseed products for everyone to enjoy.

It has been a passion of mine to find out as much as I can about linseed and understand the best ways we can use it to help our bodies function better.  Flax can be used by people of all ages and if you are fit and healthy, it’s a great food to help to keep you that way.  For those with health issues can be a holistic aid and improve the overall health, as well as treating and often reversing many conditions.   Whichever part of the body you need to target; whether it be digestion, joints, brain, nervous system, bones, muscles, hair or skin and whatever your age, flax/linseed may well be able to help.

 Natural, Delicious Taste, Non-GM, Sustainable

I know that the best way for people to discover its delicate taste is to try it in food.  So, I stated to make Flaxjacks® from my home kitchen as tasters for customers’ at the weekly farmers’ markets.  At the time, I had not considered that that they would be such a huge hit!  The positive reaction to them was amazing and so much so that in response to the increasingly frequent requests. By 2005 I had registered the Flaxjacks® trademark and set up my Flax Farm kitchen.

Always moving forward, I wanted people to really enjoy the lovely, mild taste whilst eating healthily too; and I decided to focus on expanding the range to create and produce more great tasting linseed products.  This resulted in me moving to a new site and relocating production to my sister’s premises in Billingshurst.

For me, the quality of the linseed and therefore the resulting taste, always comes first.  We specialize in UK grown linseed. Linseed is an environmentally-friendly food, a great source of omega-3 that spares the oceans.  Fewer food miles is always better.  Occasionally in order to have the best, we source organic linseed from Europe or Kazakhstan as the crop grows well there naturally.  Flax Farm is also very proud to be registered with the Soil Association and all our linseed products are GMO free.

Our linseed seeds are freshly pressed and freshly milled several times a week, so that we can really guarantee that the cold-pressed linseed oil and cold-milled linseed is always as fresh as possible when we send it out.  As always, the success of any project relies on the people you are working with and we have an amazing team, that are totally focused on quality and excellent customer service.

Expanding product Range

Fresh, top quality linseed tastes naturally delicious.  All we do at Flax Farm, is simply cold-mill to make ground flax and cold press for oil, from which all our delicious, tasty and healthy products are made.  I love creating new Flaxjacks®, linseed porridge and muesli; and we keep our products as healthy as possible by keeping fats and sugars down.  Apart from linseed we just use whole grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables and spices; and have no artificial anything in any of our products.  We even have a no-added sugar range.

Linseed (flax), natural, pure, non-GM and organic

Organic registered, Eu

It surprises many to know that linseed, also known as flax, grows well here in the UK.   We specialise in UK grown linseed.  We are registered with the Organic Farms and Growers. We prefer to get our our organic linseed grown in the UK currently it is sometimes sourced from abroad in order to ensure quality but we are looking forward to forming new partnerships with UK organic growers.

Flax Farm is always non-GM and use no GMOs in any of our products/ Fresh linseed (aka flax) is a wonderful food. It tastes naturally delicious and doesn’t need anything doing to it other than cold pressing for oil or cold-milling it to make it more easily digestible. At Flax Farm that’s all we do to it. To make our range of breakfast cereals and Flaxjacks® we simply add ordinary simple ingredients which include whole grains, fruits, seeds and spices.

Flax Farm created to share the benefits of linseed

Linseed (flax) has so much to offer and we want to spread the word and share the benefits with you.

  • Suggestions to help you get the best from linseed
  • Original recipes (English ingredients & measurements)
  • How to incorporate linseed into special diets

Great for Pets too!

Please take a look at our range of linseed for pets too.  All kinds of pets can benefit and it is well known that linseed contains omega-3 which can help suppleness; and in older dogs it is exceptional.  Hebe, my 19-year-old springer spaniel has a diet rich in linseed.  He has kept his glossy coat and is still enjoying a walk of several miles each day.  So to keep my chickens healthy with an omega-3 rich diet, I even make Flaxjacks® for them in my special chicken kitchen!

I hope that as you take a journey through the website, you too will begin to understand the versatility of, and variety of uses for, this totally natural product that can aid in so many different ways.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me, as I am always delighted to share my knowledge with others.

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Linseed growing in the UK

A field of Flax Farm linseed growing in the UK

The blue flowers of a field of linseed in June

Linseed seedheads ripe

The ripe linseed crop ready to harvest.


Harvesting linseed.

mixed products c200g

Flax Farm linseed ready to enjoy; a range of simple, delicious and highly nutritious food.