Gluten-Free Super Seedy Flax Muesli Porridge – 600g – Linseed | Cold-pressed oil | Milled | Handmade Flaxjacks

Gluten-Free Super Seedy Flax Muesli Porridge – 600g


A great gluten-free porridge or muesli

All the flavour and goodness of freshly ground linseed and other healthy seeds in a delicious ready-for-breakfast way. The high proportion of ground and whole flaxseed (aka linseeds) with rolled and jumbo oats, buckwheat, quinoa, pumpkin and sunflower seeds make this tummy-friendly and high fibre. Plus no added sugar or dried fruit means it’s super-low glycaemic index (low GI) and  makes it  filling and sustaining.  Cook as porridge or enjoy raw as muesli. Add fruit, nuts or berries to taste.

Great ingredient for baking.

  • High in Omega 3
  • High In Fibre
  • Great Flavour
  • Wheat Free
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Added Salt
  • Low GI

Gluten-free Porridge

Gluten-free muesli base also makes a brilliant gluten-free porridge. Just place in pan, add water or milk of choice and cook for a gluten-free porridge that’s full of seeds and flavour.