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Lockdown Cooking with Linseed (flax)

Vegan Linseed trifle


Lockdown Pesto, with nettles, wild garlic or whatever you have


Easy LockdownTrifle   Vegan Lockdown Trifle

Vegan Linseed Cream

Linseed saturated-fat free cream, suitable for Overcoming MS dietLinseed (Flax) is a Versatile Ingredient

I think I have been practicing for lockdown for years. I discovered that bread caused me all sorts of health issues, so cut it out about twenty years ago and have been “gluten-free” ever since,  Adjusting recipes to what I have to hand is now second nature. Linseed (flax) is a great ingredient for savoury and sweet foods so can be using as a substitute for many other missing ingredients. It is incredibly versatile.

Over the next few weeks we are all going to be shopping less frequently and running out of ingredients more often, Here are some ideas for using linseed.

Flax farm Ground linseed for baking bread, cakes and flax crackers,
Flax Farm Ground Linseed for baking

Baking with Ground Linseed (Flax)

When you cook with ground linseed (flaxseed) it behaves a bit like rolled oats/oat flour and a bit like ground almonds when baking bread or cakes.  It can be used as a partial substitute for flour or adding to what little flour you have to make it go further. Ground linseed can be used to make “flax egg”, which for years has been a great standby for vegans and those allergic to eggs.

  1. Use as a partial flour substitute
  2. Add to oats, gluten-free flour or other flours such as cornflour
  3. Crackers
  4. Cakes
  5. Cookies
  6. Make instant breads
  7. Great free-from ingredient

It is great for adding to cornflour or other starchy flour because it is tastier, lower GI, better fibre content and much healthier.  Ground linseed is useful for making baking more like wholemeal, Some of my best ever Yorkshire puds were made with cornflour and ground linseed.  If you use Flax Farm golden linseed it doesn’t look as “wholemeal” but gives you all the health benefits and more (like omega-3) and looks nice. Ground linseed is a gluten-free ingredient.  Adding ground linseed or linseed flour to baking and other cooking particularly benefits the digestion and is good for all over health. It also makes food more filling.

Ground linseed also makes great instant bread in as little as two minutes

You can use ground linseed to make lovely crackers and various sorts of bread all of which are gluten-free. I find ground linseed great for making puds out of anything fruity.

Here are some recipes for using ground linseed to get you started: ground linseed recipes.

Cold-pressed unrefined linseed flax seed oil
Cold-pressed unrefined linseed flaxseed oil

Cooking with Cold-pressed linseed (Flaxseed) Oil

Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil is exceptionally mild and creamy. Its delicate flavour works well in most savoury and sweet dishes.

It is unrefined and brimming with omega-3 which makes it healthier than vegetable oils or even olive oil.  Read more about omega-3 in Linseed Oil v other fats

  1. A drizzle of linseed oil is as good as butter on cooked veg or on toast
  2. Makes a great alternative to extra virgin olive oil or mix with olive oil
  3. Mash into potato or other creamed veggies
  4. Add to creamed veggie soup instead of cream
  5. Make amazing trifle-like desserts from a cream of blended Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil with Greek yoghurt, Skyre, or Quark
  6. For a vegan dessert blend with silken tofu
  7. Use in salad dressing and mayonnaise
  8. Make hummus and other dips
  9. Pesto and green sauces

Here are some recipes for using Flax Farm cold-pressed Flaxseed Linseed Oil. Don’t forget is great for breakfast and desserts as well as savoury dishes. https://www.flaxfarm.co.uk/course/dips/

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