Vegan Linseed Cream for Desserts

Vegan linseed cream

Vegan, Dairy-free Cream

Vegan, light, quick, saturated-fat free & healthier

I know there are lots of vegan creams around but most are based on coconut and I avoid saturated fats. I could make a cream from cashew nuts but this is so much easier and being rich in omega-3 is much healthier.

I prefer to have a dairy-free cream for desserts.  I find this useful, it’s nice for breakfasts too, I don’t use added sugar but sometimes when making meals for others sometimes I add stevia to sweeten, otherwise, it is sugar-free. It goes really well with ground linseed and a few berries. For special occasions, you can use it to make a vegan trifle or Eton-mess type dessert.

  • Cream
  • Custard
  • Topping
  • Desserts
  • With breakfast cereal

A good helping of Omega-3

Each portion provides up to 15ml of cold-pressed linseed flaxseed oil.


If you haven’t got the ingredients use something else. You can exchange the apple for a pear. Or the banana for a mango or papaya. Vanilla isn’t essential nor is sweetener, you can use a sugar of choice or any other sweetener or you may prefer not to sweeten it at all.

Vegan Linseed Cream for Desserts
Servings:1-2helpingsPrep Time:5minutesCook Time:
Vegan Linseed Cream for Desserts
Servings:1-2helpingsPrep Time:5minutesCook Time:


Servings: helpings


Servings: helpings


  1. Blend all the ingredients until smooth.
  2. Add ground linseed and enjoy or use poured over cereals, in desserts, trifle, Eton mess, etc.

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