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Baked Special Buckwheat, Linseed & Quinoa Porridge Recipe

Baked oat-free, gluten-free, special buckwheat, flaxseed and quinoa porridge recipe

Baked Porridge for a Better Breakfast

Flax Farm Special Buckwheat, Flaxseed (Linseed) & Quinoa Porridge is oat-free and makes a seriously yummy breakfast porridge with great health benefits. Make it as baked it gets even better. If you are already a baked porridge fan you’ve got to try it made with Flax farm Special Porridge; if you are new to baked porridge this is definitely the place to start.

Being lower in carbs, no added sugar, more protein and fibre makes this a power breakfast to keep you feeling fuller throughout the day.  When I need to lose weight I find this is the perfect breakfast to boost the metabolism and keep the hunger pangs at bay. If you haven’t got our special Porridge this recipe is still delicious and healthy with any of our range of porridges and mueslis.  

Special linseed porridge with Buckwheat & quinoa loose
Special linseed porridge with Buckwheat & quinoa

A Healthier Breakfast

As a bonus, each portion contains the equivalent omega-3 of 4 flaxseed oil capsules which means it’s as good as having a piece of oil fish for breakfast.

  • Almost 20% more protein
  • Lower in starch
  • 50% lower available carbohydrates
  • Two-thirds more fibre
  • Higher in soluble fibre
  • Oat-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Lots of omega-3

Baked Porridge is delicious, it has a firmer texture and is more satisfying.Baked oat-free, gluten-free, special buckwheat, flaxseed and quinoa porridge recipe

Lots of Choice of Alternative Ingredients

You can mix and match whatever you have to hand.

  • The liquid used can be anything from water to full-cream dairy milk, coconut, nut milk or soya milk.
  • Banana is delicious but finely chopped/sliced apple, peaches, nectarines or mango are also delish.
  • Mixed berries or single variety, fresh or frozen all work equally well.  You can try dried fruit instead of berries.
  • Nuts are nice to have if you like nuts. Currently my favourite is walnuts but any will do or try pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Coconut is also nice or try a tablespoon of peanut butter or other nut butter.
  • Sweeten to taste. It works fine with no sweetener, I like stevia liquid because it is sugar-free.  Honey, date or maple syrup are also tasty.
  • Vegan? Need egg-free use a couple of teaspoons of chickpea flour or a flax egg.
  • Spices, today I am using vanilla extract which is wonderful. Grated ginger makes it taste fruitier, dried cinnamon, ginger, mixed sweet spices are also good. A small teaspoon of turmeric is also surprisingly good, don’t forget a grind of black pepper with it.
  • Stir in helping of protein powder to make this a good sports breakfast of post exercise recovery meal.

Tips for making Baked Porridge

Can be oven-cooked, microwaved or cook in air-fryer.

Chose a relatively low flat dish. For a single portion I used a 1in/30mm deep gratin dish, 4in/110mm x 7.5in/190mm. Square are of 30sq inches or just over 200sq cm. Increase the dish size if making more helpings.

To stop the porridge sticking to the dish oil the dish before using with butter, coconut oil or Flax Farm Cold-Pressed  Flaxseed Oil (to add a bit more omega-3).

To keep washing up to a minimum don’t measure liquids, simply weigh into the gratin dish (1 ml = 1g) use a fork to thoroughly mix the egg, “milk”, spices and any sweetening, then weigh in the porridge, banana, nuts and berries and pop it into the oven; save the fork for eating your breakfast.

Baked oat-free, gluten-free, special buckwheat, flaxseed and quinoa porridge recipe

Baked Special Buckwheat, Flaxseed & Quinoa Porridge Recipe

Clare Skelton
Easy to make, oat-free, nutrient-dense, sugar-free, low carb, baked porridge for more protein, more flavour and keeping you fuller for longer.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Course Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine Anti-inflammatory, Breakfast, Dairy-free, Digestion-friendly, Gluten free, Healthy, low carb, Low GI, Omega-3, OMS Diet
Servings 1 person


  • 45 g Flax Farm Special Gluten-Free Linseed & Buckwheat Porridge With Quinoa Other Flax Farm Porridges and muesli also work well
  • 15 g Chopped walnuts or other nuts or seed
  • 1 Small banana sliced
  • 95 ml milk (any) or water
  • 1 small/medium egg
  • 1/4-1/2 tsp Vanilla extract or try a sprinkle 1/2 tsp of other spice cinnamon, ginger or turmeric (with black pepper) are good options.
  • 25-30 g Fresh or frozen berries, any.


  • Mix the milk, sweetening (if using any) egg (or egg alternative) and spices. Pour into a suitable gratin dish approx 4in/110mm x 7.5in/190mm or similar
  • Add the banana, porridge and nuts, stir and top with berries.
  • Place in oven and cook:
    5 minutes in a microwave
    10-12 minutes in air-fryer
    20-30minutes 180C conventional oven
    Then serve.

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