Raw Strawberry and Linseed Summer Porridge

Raw strawberry, oat and linseed porridge

A lovely super-healthy breakfast

Despite being a light delicate food, tasting richly of strawberries and a pretty pink colour this is an excellent sustaining breakfast that really sets you for the day with plenty of slow release energy to see you through to lunchtime. Linseed makes this raw summer porridge really rich creamy and keeps you satisfied. It also adds lots of omega-3, dietary and soluble fibre and antioxidants.

Raw or uncooked both are delicious

You can do it purist way, by sprouting oat groats or oatmeal over night or longer, or simply by soaking uncooked rolled/porridge or jumbo oats. Sprouting and soaking reduces phytic acid in foods. Sprouting creates a raw sprouted food similar to bean sprouts with enhanced nutrients and enzyme activity.  Both ways make a lovely creamy sustaining breakfast.

Linseed stops cows belching methane

Cow female black white

Daily Telegraph story: Linseed stops cows belching methane

Essential fatty acid for health and prevents greenhouse gasses

Linseed reduces greenhouse gasses; stops methane production in cows and cattle

The Daily Telegraph printed the story this Tuesday 29th March 2011: (Here’s a link) I don’t think this is an early April Fool as it is such a good article on linseed’s health benefits for people, including improving the human digestion and that “it also contains Omega 3, a fatty acid that is essential to normal growth and health.” Continue reading

Budwig Muesli

Budwig muesli with berries

Budwig Muesli is more than just the flax oil cottage cheese cream for the Budwig diet, it is an excellent way to use Flax Farm cold pressed linseed oil as the cottage cheese makes the omega-3 more easily digested and absorbed,

Budwig muesli is a good breakfast for people with digestive problems. It is wheat-free, gluten-free and designed to help normalise your digestion.

Diabetes: Dr Johanna Budwig recommended the diet to treat people with type 2 diabetes. The ground linseed helps to make it a good low GI breakfast whilst getting all the omega-3 and antioxidant benefit of fruit and berries.


Lignans are a class of compound . Linseed is a rich source of highly antioxidant lignans that are commonly found in fibrous plants. Linseed is by far the richest food source. These lignans are mildly phyto-oestrogenic and are often used for their hormone balancing properties.