Linseed stops cows belching methane

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Daily Telegraph story: Linseed stops cows belching methane

Essential fatty acid for health and prevents greenhouse gasses

Linseed reduces greenhouse gasses; stops methane production in cows and cattle

The Daily Telegraph printed the story this Tuesday 29th March 2011: (Here’s a link) I don’t think this is an early April Fool as it is such a good article on linseed’s health benefits for people, including improving the human digestion and that “it also contains Omega 3, a fatty acid that is essential to normal growth and health.”

Linseed prevents greenhouse gasses

Linseed stops cows belching methane
Linseed stops cows belching methane

Roughly the gist of the story is that if you feed linseed to cattle it generates good bacteria (just like it does for people!) and much less methane (one of the worst “greenhouse” gasses) is produced and the omega-3 in it helps to keep the cattle healthier – and I expect happier.  🙂

Funnily enough this wasn’t a new concept to me. I had a lovely friend a Borough Market – actually he was a friend to any communicative lady on the market – Ian/Ion (?) was indistinguishable from an old (he was in his late 60’s but looked very warn) tramp (tho he had a flat) he dressed flamboyantly in the clothes Oxfam threw out, collected all sorts of stuff from skips most of which he shared with those in need of food or cheering up. He was highly intelligent, interesting, entertaining – you’d have been delighted to have sat next to him at a dinner party, very knowledgeable, especially history, current and past world affairs and a good sort of understanding of science and he spoke at least 11 languages – evidenced by him translating for various SE Asian and African customers on my stall. He collected newspaper cuttings for me. He also came up with marketing ideas. Five years ago one of which was for me to grow thousands and thousands of acreas of linseed and promote it as wonderfood that should fed to cows to stop them farting methane… I now wish I could remember where he got the idea, was it an intuitive stab in the dark or what? I suspect he had read early research in some learned journal. Unfortunately we won’t know because he died early this year and he is a great loss to Borough Market.

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