Flax Farm has a great selection range of linseed (flax) foods which can help support a healthy digestion. Linseed is often used as an aid for digestion. We have tried to use these pages to answer the questions we get asked most frequently and how you can use linseed if you have a particular digestive condition.

Flax Farm Linseed (Flax)Products for the Digestion

Cold-Pressed Linseed (Flaxseed) Oil

Cold-pressed linseed oil is a rich source of the healthy fat, omega-3

Flax Farm Ground Linseed

Gluten-free and wheat-free. Rich source of omega-3, insoluble and soluble fibre.  Healthy baking ingredient.

Linseed Mucilage

.Mucilage is the soluble fibre component that makes the seeds slippery when wet. Mucilage makes Linseed Tea a very soothing drink for the whole digestive tract and easy to make, see recipe.


Flaxjacks are super yummy and they just happen to be very digestion-friendly.  Natural ingredients, ground linseed also wheat-free and gluten-free. Lots of people find a Flaxjack a day is just what their digestion needs. See our full range of more than twenty varieties of Flaxkjacks, including dairy-free and sugar-free options.

Flax Farm  Linseed Porridge & Muesli

Digestion-friendly Flax Farm linseed breakfasts, with the goodness of ground linseed. All gluten-free and wheat-free, Geat for baking. You can replace ordinary porridge oats or oat-flour in recipes.


A range of linseed (flax) foods to support a healthy digestion