Linseed For A Sensitive Digestion

Digestion linseed for IBS, Colitis

It’s very common for people with sensitive digestions that react badly to different foods to want to enjoy the benefits of linseed but are worried about adding it to their diet or have used it in the past and had a problem with it.  There is no reason* that you can’t reintroduce it and your body tolerate it.

Types of Linseed

Cold-pressed linseed oil

Linseed mucilage which is extracted from whole seeds

Flax Farm Flaxjacks

Flax Farm ground linseed

Flax Farm  Linseed porridge

*It is possible for people to be allergic to linseed but this is extremely rare, it is not a recognised allergen. Allergy to linseed is usually experienced as tingling in the lips or mouth or a rash on the body. If this occurs stop eating and call 101 If you are allergic to linseed, like with other allergies it tends increase in severity each time you consume the food.

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