Sensitive Digestion

Sensitive Digestion

Linseed is a beneficial food with several helpful nutrients to help with a sensitive bowel, slow transit and bloating; it is best not to use the whole linseeds as they are too tough and indigestible, it is best to use cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil or  ground linseed.

Cold-pressed linseed (flax) oil and ground linseed have different properties

Cold-pressed linseed oil supports health throughout the body

Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil contains no fibre or irritant components therefore can usually be tolerated by people with sensitive digesitons.  If you have a very sensitive digestion cold-pressed linseed oil, it is rich in omega-3 can be a good place to start, which can be soothing and gentle on digestion.

Ground linseed can support healthy gut flora

A healthy gut flora is key to overcoming digestive problems and creating a healthy comfortable digestion.  Ground linseed is pre-biotic and can support good gut flora for a healthy digestion.

Flax Farm ground linseed comes as both gold and bronze varieties, both equally good.

Ground linseed can support the restoration of gut flora after antibiotics or after infection.

Choose from

Ground gold or bronze linseed, linseed porridge and muesli, flaxjacks

How to use ground linseed:

For sensitive digestion, so as not to stress your digestion with a food it is unaccustomed to,  start slowly, just a half teaspoon per day and build up over a fortnight or even longer to up to 2  dessertspoons twice per day

Add to porridge, muesli, cereal, yoghurt, fruit, sprinkle on salads or add to smoothies


Ground linseed is rich in mucilage which is soothing for the digestive tract.

Balances hormones

Does your digestion get more upset at certain times of the month? Hormonal imbalance can cause symptoms associated with a sensitive bowel i.e. bloating and discomfort. Ground linseed can support the balance of hormones and healthy digestion throughout the month.

Linseed to support healthy digestion

Linseed (flax) is often used to help alleviate digestive conditions and it seems to help in several ways. There are many different forms of linseed and the key to getting the best results is understanding which sort helps which part of the conduction.

Your digestion is a combination of the food you eat, the gut flora, your gut wall and the rest of your body. We all know your mood plays a role on your digestion, so do your hormones and your lifestyle.