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Cold pressed linseed flax oil, ground linseed, linseed porridge, linseed Flaxjacks - healthy flapjacks.
Flax Farm’s range of linseed foods.

UK-grown and Organic linseed (flax) everything from cold-pressed linseed (flax) oil to Flaxjacks®

Cold-pressed Linseed (flax) oil, organic and high lignan and capsules 

Freshly ground linseed (flax) meal; also called milled linseed, cracked linseed, linseed flour and linseed meal 

Whole linseeds (flaxseeds) 

Linseed (flax) porridge and muesli (all wheat-free, includes gluten-free and oat-free options) 

Flaxjacks® Lovely linseed (flaxseed) cakes  like healthy flapjacks but much nicer!

Cold-pressed linseed oil for horses and dogs 

Fresh, UK-grown artisan-made linseed foods

We make a range of great tasting foods made from linseed (also known as flax)  so you can enjoy its amazing health benefits. We have designed this website to make it easy for your to choose the best sort of linseed with advice on the best ways to use it so you get the health benefits you are looking for.   Linseed is a brilliant source of important nutrients that are hard to get enough of from other sources:

  • Omega-3

  • Dietary fibre

  • Lignans

  • Antioxidants

Cold-pressed Linseed (flax) oil, organic and high lignan and capsules

Cold-pressed linseed (flax) oil capsules:

A supplement, a convenient way to take our high quality cold-pressed linseed oil from UK-grown linseed for omega-3, fish-free, vegan shell. See products

linseed flaxseed capsules and linseed flaxseed oil organic & high lignanCold-pressed linseed (flax) oil:

Mild tasting, freshly pressed linseed oil, rich source of omega-3; organic and high lignan cold-pressed flax oil options. From UK-grown linseed.  A natural way to take omega-3 in food, especially benefcial for those who don’t eat fish. Economic for families and those who don’t like taking supplement capsules. Omega-3 recommended by naturopaths, used in special diets including Fat Flush Plan, Budwig diet, OMS protocol and detoxes. See products

Freshly ground linseed (flax);

Also called milled linseed, cracked linseed, linseed flour and linseed meal

Also called milled linseed, cracked linseed and linseed meal or linseed flour. Both gold and bronze/brown linseed. Rich source of dietary soluble & insoluble fibre for the digestion and hormone balance; also source of omega-3.  Made with UK-grown linseed.Suitable for most people including restricted diets, including  wheat-free, gluten-free, coeliac, dairy-free, nut-free,  sugar-free, and diabetic. See products

Whole linseeds (flaxseeds) :

Ingredient for baking, linseed tea, raw foods, ethnic cooking, naturopathic medicine, special diets.  UK-grown and organic flax. Best ground to make nutrients more absorbable. Source of dietary soluble and insoluble fibre for the digestion and hormone balance; also source of omega-3. Used in Budwig diet.  See products

Linseed (flax) porridge and muesli:

A delicious range of ready to eat porridge and muesli that give you all the benefits of our freshly ground linseed (also called milled linseed, cracked linseed and linseed meal.) Made from UK-grown flax.  All are sugar-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, nut-free. Includes gluten-free porridge and oat-free porridge with quinoa, buckwheat and ground linseed (flax). For all over health and wellbeing, supports healthy digestion and hormone balance. Suitable for special diets including diabetic. Use to make your own healthy Flaxjacks® style flapjacks. See products

Flax Farm Flaxjacks healthy flapjacks made with flax linseed


Flax Farm’s unique range of amazingly delicious and healthy flapjacks made with linseed (flax) grown in the UK. Rich in all the goodness of ground linseed, with less butter and sugar and healthier than ordinary flapjacks; tasty too with just natural ingredients; all wheat-free. Special option Flaxjacks for gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free, saturated-fat-free diets. Gift service available. See products

Cold-pressed linseed flax  oil omega-3 for horses and dogsLinseed for Horses & Dogs

Flax Farm also produces a range of top quality fresh cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil a rich natural source of omega-3 for horses, ponies and dogs. Made from UK-grown It is so good the horses and dogs love it.  Omega-3 is important for all animals. Linseed oil and whole linseed is a good source of omega-3 for other animals, parrots, rabbits and guinea pigs too.  See products


Try our linseed products and see us at marketsBorough Market Flax Farm stall m

If you can’t find the answers here on the site you can visit us at London’s Borough Market and other markets we attend. We will be pleased to help and you can try the products. See the list of markets we attend.

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