Linseed: a nutrient dense food

Linseed  is rich in several important nutrients we are told we need to eat more of and low in bad things like sugar (virtually sugar-free) and starch.


Flax Farm linseed is an excellent, rich source of omega-3, the good fat, like the fat we think of as coming from fish.  It balances the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 because most of us get too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3.  One of the best natural food sources of omega-3.


The fibre in linseed is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fibre which is just right for keeping your gut healthy and a regular digestion. Most people find linseed a food soothing to the digestive tract and is well tolerated by even the most sensitive digestions, young and old.


Linseed is nature’s richest source of lignans. Lignans are naturally occurring plant compounds, phytonutrients, which are powerful antioxidants and mild phyto-oestrogens that can gently balance hormones. Lignans are useful for protecting the gut and  balancing hormones during the monthly cycle,

Low GI, Low GL Low Carb, Carb-free

Linseed is literally full of good stuff! It is so low-carb it is virtually carb-free, (free of carbohydrates other than fibre).  It has a very low glycemic index and little effect on blood sugar levels.  Linseed actually helps slow down the absorption of sugars and starches which keeps blood sugar level and controls insulin levels.


Linseed helps the gut develop a good gut flora for a healthy digestion.


Linseed is a rich source of of complete plant protein and contains all the amino acids essential for life.