Healthy, fat-free, organic quark-style cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is an essential component of the Budwig Diet.
What you need for the Budwig Diet is a healthy dairy product without sugar or additives and a protein level of around 10-12%. Many people want a fat free organic cottage cheese style product.  It doesn’t really matter whether it is a strained yoghurt, quark or traditional cottage cheese though if it contains live good bacteria cultures – such as those in live yoghurt that is considered beneficial. The problem is finding organic, fat-free yoghurt in shops so here’s how to make your own.

Easy to make

This is very simple, quick and easy. Really all it entails is tipping a tub of yoghurt into a sieve and leaving it for a day.

Intolerant to cows’ milk? Try goats’ milk cheese as an alternative.

p1040990-csYou can make a quark-style cottage cheese from goats yoghurt for the Budwig diet. Just follow the recipe below but use a goat milk yoghurt, fat-free goats; milk yoghurt is available in some supermarkets.

Equipment needed:

  • Largish mixing bowl
  • Sieve
  • Muslin square or kitchen roll
  • Cloth, clingfilm or aluminium foil to cover bowl


Organic fat-free yoghurt is ideal to make organic cottage cheese for Budwig Dietp1040989-sc

  • 1 x 450-500g tub organic fat-free yoghurt


p1040983-s  p1040985-csa

Place sieve over mixing bowl and line with muslin (don’t fold) or a square of kitchen paper

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Pour yoghurt into lined sieve, cover with cloth, clingfilm or aluminium foil and place in fridge. Leave for 24 hours or even a little longer.


The liquid will have strained into the bowl, Tip out the strained contents from sieve and remove paper, and voila, fat-free, 11.5% protein. organic quark-style cottage cheese!

Next: Make your Budwig Muesli

Budwig muesli made with cottage cheese and cold-pressed linseed/flaxseed oil
Budwig muesli made with cottage cheese and cold-pressed linseed/flaxseed oil, fresh fruit, nuts, honey and, berries

Budwig Muesli is the core of the Budwig Diet made by creaming the cottage cheese you have made with cold-pressed linseed/flaxseed oil, adding ground linseed, spices(if required), honey, fresh fruit, nuts and berries.  It is a great way of enjoying linseed/flaxseed oil when you feel your health will benefit from its properties.