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Try Flax Farm Linseed and find find out how easy it can be to have a comfortable, regular, happy digestion. 

Important: When eating linseed to improve the digestion always drink an extra large glass of water.

Constipation and Slow Digestive Transit

Flax Farm Freshly Ground Linseed Meal and our products made with it gives gentle bulk and helps develop the bacteria we need for a healthy, regular digestive transit. 1-2 ounces /25-50g per day in food with an extra glass or two of water is the iideal way to use it.  As a standby whole linseeds-added to food or taken in drinks -  can be used to get things going but in the long run the ground seeds are a better food. Drink an extra two large glasses of water. Aim for 6-8 glasses of pure water, per day, drunk by the glass not sipped.

Avoid dairy foods (milk, cheese and yoghurt etc) wheat based foods, especially pasta and white bread, limit beans to just one small helping per day these foods work against your digestion.  But shoots, stalks, flowers and stems will with work with the linseed to enhance its magic; eat lots of foods like spinach, cabbage and kale,  stalks like rhubarb, celery and stems like asparagus, flowers including broccoli and artichokes.

 IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

 Flax Farm Linseed products can be found useful to people who have the many forms of IBS

  • IBS-D -  Diarrhoea (diarrhea) prominent IBS
  • IBS-C -  Constipation prominent IBS
  • IBS-A -   Alternating or Pain predominant IBS
  • IBS-PI -  (Post Infectious IBS) Many IBS patients report that their irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) began with or after a viral, bacterial, protozoan or helminth gastroenteritis infection. Some cases are thought to be worsened or even brought about by antibiotics or other treatments. It is thought that the symptoms of PI-IBS could stem from persistent changes and damage causing  inflammation to the  mucosal lining, or  changes in the gut flora.

The mucilage in Linseed is very soothing and protective. 

The fibre in Linseed aids regularity and helps develop healthy gut biome (good/friendly gut bacteria) which discourages bacteria and yeasts and yeasts that can trigger episodes. Linseed is a rich source of omega-3 which is anti inflammatory so is calming and helps prevent the gut from "over-reacting".  The cells in the gut are the fastest growing cells in the body and are constantly being replaced; Omega-3 is essential for building healthy new cells. 


Linseed is  pre-biotic can which  help with reducing the feeling of bloating and aid digestion by promoting healthy gut flora.  If the problem is associated with lactose intolerance then combining with pro-biotic  supliments such as Actimel and Yakult can also help.

Wheat Intolerance; Gluten Intolerance

By replacing wheat with Flax Farm freshly ground linseed in your breakfasts and many other recipes you can again cook many of the meals that you once loved without having to use wheat and upsetting your tummy.  

Many people state that they find adding Flax Farm freshly ground linseed to foods or a daily helping of Flax Farm linseed porridge or muesli helps them to become more tolerant to wheat. It is thought this is partly due to the linseed developing good bacteria which help control other bacteria, yeast and other causes of bloating .

Coeliac Disease

Coeliac Disease isan auto-immune condition caused by a reaction to the cereal protein gluten in food. Linseed can't cure coeliac disease but it is a great new addition to your diet. It opens up endless possibilities for tasty and comforting foods and is a useful ingredient.  Gluten-free flours arer often pure starch and very rather bland so for extra, old-fashioned home-baking flavour replace about 20% of other flour in gluten-free recipes to make more tastier, more succulent bread and cakes - and far more nutritious
Flax Farm Ground Linseed Meal is a very sustaining gluten-free food. Many people now use a couple of heaped dessert spoonfuls of Flax Farm Freshly Ground Linseed in foods such as soup or even scrambled egg as an alternative to having bread..
When you can’t eat wholegrain cereal it’s difficult to get enough fibre for a healthy digestion. Linseed is rich in the right sort of fibre. Just adding two heaped dessertspoons of linseed meal to your daily diet is a good starting point for a truly healthy digestion.
We have lots of useful coeliac-friendly gluten-free recipes for using Flax Farm freshly ground meal and some great ideas for gluten-free foods including breakfasts, breads, crackers, baking and snacks. click here for page with gluten-free recipes

Crohn's Disease, Diverticulitis, Diverticular disease and Collitis

People with these conditions have reported that they tolerate linseed in their diet is very well. and it aids their comfort   With all these inflammatory conditions you need to avoid rough foods such as wheat and bran  still need fibre for the rest of your digestion to work.  The fibre in Flax Farm freshly ground linseed meal is high in soluble fibre or mucilage, it is soothing, cleansing and iit helps gently remove irritating toxins. Omega-3  in Flax Farm freshly ground linseed's helps establishes the conditions for repair and developing healthy new cells.   there is a particular information also on Diverticular disease on the B&BF site. Download our special digestion-friendly diet.i


Normalising the digestive tract Flax Farm freshly ground linseed in the diet is a great starting point for preventing the problems of indigestion and following a diet that avoids over-fatty and processed foods, seed Linseed Diet.  Download our special diet recipes for a digestion friendly diet.

Why Pre-biotic is better than Pro-biotic

Prebiotic means giving your digestion the foods that naturally produce billions of the right, soft bulk-forming  bacteria which "talk" to the lining of your gut and encourage the movement known as peristalsis that keeps you regular.  Probiotic means consuming the good bacteria in the hope that they will help things along when they get further down the digestive tract but if your system is clogged up with the wrong foods and bad bacteria you are going to need a bit more than a little yoghurt. Linseed is a first rate food for encouraging the good bacteria.

How to Use Linseed For the Digestion 

Flax Farm Freshly Ground Linseed Meal. The usual way to use Flax Farm freshly ground linseed to improve the health of the digestion is to add 2 heaped dessertspoons 1-2 times daily to food or drinks, you should  drink an extra glass or two of water too.  If you have a very sensitive digestion introduce it slowly starting with just a pinch and increasing over a period of a week or two.

Flax Farm Whole Linseeds are useful to keep as a remedy for intermittent constipation.  As they have  a long shelf-life they are handy to keep in the store-cupboard as a remedy.  Use a heaped tablespoon of whole linseeds once or twice a day in drinks or food until there is improvement. Drink an extra glass or two of water every day - or more if you habitually don't drink enough. If the problem persists consult a doctor.  IUse of linseed in the everyday diet can help prevent the problem recurring.

Linseed to aid children's digestion.  Use pro-rata the normal helping for adults. Do not use as a remedy for children of less than 18 months without consulting a doctor - but as an normal dietary item in food linseed linseed is fine for children.  If the problem persists consult a doctor.

Useful Links

  • www.bladderandbowelfoundation.org is a charity which has a website that is a great source of information for all bladder and bowel disorders AND constipation (which can exacerbate bladder problems). General enquiries for the B&BF is 01536 533 255
  • www.theguttrust.org The gut trust is the largest national patient-led charity for people with IBS. The site includes a comprehensive online self management programme for IBS and lots of helpful information about the condition.' Helpline 0872 300 4537 Tue/Thur 19.30-21.30
    www.theguttrust.org The gut trust is the largest national patient-led charity for people with IBS. The site includes a comprehensive online self management programme for IBS and lots of helpful information about the condition.' Helpline 0872 300 4537 Tue/Thur 19.30-21.30
  • Advice from IBS Help Online, The IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome Website!





If you are being treated by your doctor or if you are at all unsure about the use of linseed in your diet please consult you Doctor or Consultant before using linseed.