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Omega-3: why flax oil is better than krill oil

The oceans' wildlife is conserved by use of sustainable linseed omega-3

Linseed omega-3 can be healthier than EPA & DHA fish oils and helps conserve the oceans

Puffins and conserved by use of sustainable product such as linseed oil over krill oil

ALA works perfectly well for people as a source of omega-3 for people. Cats and a few isolated fish-eating communities have lost the gene to process omega-3 into longer chain omega-3’s.  The rest of us do very well on omega-3 from linseed (flaxseed) oil. It is ALA which is so essential for health we are equipped with enzymes to turn EPA into ALA.  It has been shown linseed (flaxseed) oil, a sustainable source of omega-3 can work better than fish oil.  Linseed oil can have more benefit than fish was proved in a recent study the Holism Study, abstract, website.The full paper can be downloaded from the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis

Linseed helps save krill for ocean wildlife

In the oceans there is a little shrimp-like creature called krill. It exists in huge numbers. Naturally krill is one of the first rungs of the food chain and is eaten by everything from the small fish to whales. It happens krill is a rich source of protein and omega-3, which is why people are hoovering it up wholesale and putting it into supplements and to feed for farmed fish.

A lesson from sand eels and puffins

Years ago sand eels were harvested almost to depletion from the British coast waters.  This left many  sea birds, including the lovely puffins  and their young to starve. Sadly populations of puffins have never recovered.

The krill harvest is not sustainable, the day we notice the effect on whales and other marine life it may well be too late for many species.

We don’t need to take fish or krill from the oceans for omega-3. Linseed oil is a sustainable environmentally friendly alternative source of omega-3 to fish and krill oil.

Why linseed oil can be better than fish oils 

  • Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil has several advantages over Krill (and fish) oils:
  • Linseed Oil is a sustainable source of omega-3
  • Linseed oil can be healthier, up to 62% more beneficial than fish oil omega-3: see the Holism study
  • Fish/krill is transported huge distances. Linseed is grown locally, has few food miles
  • Fish and krill oil goes rancid and stinky very easily so goes through many processes to chemical and mechanical processes “clean” it this can strip nutrients from the oil and damage the omega-3. Flax Farm Linseed Oil is cold-pressed fresh from the seed. The oil is fresh and sweet and the omega-3 is in pristine condition.
  • Using Krill Oil/Fish oil a supplements doesn’t do anything to improve the underlying diet. Linseed oil doesn’t have to be used as supplements, it can simply be used as a food that improves the dietary omega 3 balance which removes the need to take supplements.
  • Krill harvesting could starve many marine creatures, farming linseed provides a natural farmland environment which is is rich in wildlife.
  • To get omega-3 needs you can buy Flax Farm Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil, UK-harvested, it tastes great, it is good for you and the environment!

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