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Linseed and recipes to boost the metabolism

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In Northern India linseed is a winter food

In colder parts of Northern India people eat linseed as a winter food because it helps them burn calories more freely which keeps them feeling warmer.

Boosting the metabolism helps you slim

This property of linseed helps keep you slim. Calories are your fuel and if you burn them rather than store them you lose weight. Simple.  🙂

Immune system, coughs, colds, arthritis, aches & pains

I’ve lost count of number the ladies from the Punjab telling me how they prepare linseed as a winter food to boost their family’s immune system and keep them feeling warm (central heating from the inside which equals weight loss). A healthier immune system also means less inflammation, fewer aches and pains, controls arthritis, which can help anyone keep feeling better throughout the winter.

Metabolism-boosting energy balls: recipe

In India they make linseed into sweetly spice fruit, seed and nut balls called Linseed Pinni Laddoo which are little omega-3 protein-energy balls – see our recipes.

Burn calories more freely

It’s the omega-3 in linseed oil that boosts the metabolism.  It actually increases your response to leptin, your appetite control hormone, makes your body respond to insulin better which helps you burn calories rather than store them, then it lowers your levels of ghrelin, the hormone which increases appetite so you eat less. The result is a faster metabolism, a slimmer waist and less desire to eat.

Better blood circulation and heart health

Linseed is a rich source of omega-3 which keeps the blood less stick and flowing freely. This helps the blood circulate right to the extremities and keeps you feeling warmer which in turn is burning more  extra calories. Omega-3 in linseed by keeping blood platelets less sticky is good for cardiovascular health.


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