Bake@Home Ginger Parkin Flaxjacks, No-Added Sugar, Vegan – Linseed | Cold-pressed oil | Milled | Handmade Flaxjacks

Bake@Home Ginger Parkin Flaxjacks, No-Added Sugar, Vegan


Flaxjacks have just got even better; now fresh-baked from your own oven!  Enjoy the smell of home-baking f followed by warm Flaxjacks with your favourite cuppa.  Yummeee 🙂

Ginger Parkin is a traditional Northern cake, made with oatmeal, molasses, ginger and sweet spices. It is famous in Lancashire and Yorkshire where its warming flavours make it a favourite at winter festivals such as Bonfire Night. Flax Farm has simply improved the recipe to remove the sugar, taken out the flour and saturated fat, added lots of lovely ground linseed (flax) and linseed oil for a cake that’s as tasty as the original but much healthier.  Flax Farm Ginger Parkin Flaxjack traybake is a very tasty moist flavoursome cake, with all the good bits of the original but none of the naughty bits plus all the goodness of linseed.

  • Scrummy
  • Cook straight from the freezer
  • Convenient, super cakes just when you need them
  • Goodness of linseed
  • Healthy
  • Tummy friendly
  • Naturally rich in omega-3
  • Dairy-free, vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • High Fibre

Ideal for tea, elevenses, sharing with friends, school dinners, back to Uni food-parcel, picnics or as a lovely present for a friend. Store in freezer, cook from frozen in 20-30 minutes. Yem!

Lovely homemade luxury linseed carrot-cake flapjacks fresh-baked from your own oven. All with the goodness of linseed. As ever naturally gluten-free and made with the best of ordinary home kitchen ingredients and lovely Flax Farm freshly cold-milled ground linseed..