Linseed Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner, Vegan 20Kg – Linseed | Cold-pressed oil | Milled | Handmade Flaxjacks

Linseed Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner, Vegan 20Kg


Ideal for all your crops and flowers

Use FlaxGrow in your veggie garden, round your fruit plants and trees. Use also for tubs, hanging baskets and the flower garden.

Great food for soil and plants

Linseed meal is high in minerals and protein (and therefore nitrogen which is in a superior organic form) which makes it a great source of nutrition for the soil and soil microbes including beneficial bacteria that live in your soil.

Linseed meal is useful to prevent leaching of nitrogen, helps breakdown clay soils and hold water in light soils.

Healthier crops; healthier you

Linseed is deep rooting plant which means the meal is a great source of minerals that are lacking in simple KPI fertisers. This gives your plants more of the nutrients they need to be fitter and heather which in turn means plants richer in nutrients.

A fertiliser safe for children, pets and Wildlife

If your children and pets play in your garden you can be sure that this totally natural will make safe ground for them to play on.

Also wildlife friendly.

Vegan Fertiliser

This is a great vegan alternative to blood, fish and bonemeal as it is equally high in Nitrogen but completely completely free of animal products.

Mineral Analysis

Typical N-P-K analysis 6-1-1