Minneapolis Star Tribune Flaxjacks® article & recipes


Flaxjacks® are more than just UK famous…

Andrew David Baker, a reporter for Taste, the food supplement of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, visited the Flax Farm stall at Borough Market. Our cranberry, apple and cinnamon Flaxjacks® inspired his cranberry linseed flapjack recipe and article about the virtues and benefits of flax on 5th November 09, “Flexible flax a healthful and tasty supplement”, reports on his conversion to linseed first as flavourful and secondly as a significant addition to the diet for those like his Aunt who are mindful of nutrition. It’s great to see a real foodie writing understanding the wonders of flax. 🙂

The full Flaxjacks article online

Recipes for the Star Tribune’s version of cranberry Flaxjacks® (flapjacks – granola bars & flax oil recipe)


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