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“Phytoestrogens in Flaxseed may HALT Breast Cancer & other forms”


“Phytoestrogens in Flaxseed may HALT Breast Cancer & other forms”

Today the Daily Alternative sent out an interesting article explaining about breast cancer and the benefits of plant oestrogenswhich nicely answers one of the the questions we are often asked most: “if linseed (flax) is a (phyto)-oestrogen then isn’t it going to increase the risk of breast cancer?” It sounds counter-intuitive that adding oestrogen could protect breast tissue from cancer but in fact in their article they quote studies which show there is evidence that linseed (flax) phyto-oestrogen/lignans can protect women against breast cancer and men against prostate cancer.

The reason for this is that the phyto-oestogens from linseed/flax are harmless, so slightly different to human-oestrogen. When human tissue takes up this phyto-oestrogen it causes no problem and it prevents the uptake of harmful real oestrogen.

“Phyto-oestrogens in Flaxseed may HALT Breast Cancer & other forms” for more information about linseed/flaxseed phyto-oestogen and cancer read Dr Johanna’s protocol and books on the Budwig-diet website where there are some amazingly delicious recipes for following the Budwig diet

Linseed (flax) is more beneficial when ground or “milled”

Apart from that there are other benefits to linseed (flax); ground linseed tastes good in breakfasts, baking and desserts, makes you feel fuller for longer, helps keep blood sugar lower, keeps weight down and is wonderful for the digestion.

Cold-pressed linseed oil contains no phyto-oestrogen.

Hopefully this Daily Alternative article will help reassure women and men that linseed is safe to eat when you have hormone related health issues and means you can enjoy the other health benefits of linseed.

High Lignan cold-pressed linseed oil contains lignans but ground linseed is a better souce

Cold-pressed linseed(flax) oil contains no phyto-oestrogen unless you purchase high lignan linseed (flaxseed) oil. Both ordinary cold-pressed linseed (flax) oil and “high lignan” linseed oil are available fresh direct from the Flax Farm shop; where there is also a range of porridge and muesli, whole and ground linseed (flaxseeds) and Flaxjacks all rich in beneficial lignans (phyto-oestrogens.)
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