Good digestion made easy

Ground milled gold linseed meal

A comfortable, regular, happy digestion can be as easy as a couple of daily spoonfuls of linseed

Ground linseed works gently with your digestion.

Important: drink water with linseed

When eating linseed to improve the digestion always drink an extra large glass of water (which is also good for the digestion).

Constipation and Slow Digestive Transit

Flax Farm Freshly Ground Linseed Meal and our products made with it gives gentle bulk and helps develop the bacteria we need for a healthy, regular digestive transit. 1-2 ounces /25-50g per day in food with an extra glass or two of water is the ideal way to use it. As a standby whole linseeds-added to food or taken in drinks – can be used to get things going but in the long run the ground seeds are a better food. Drink an extra two large glasses of water. Aim for 6-8 glasses of pure water, per day, drunk by the glass not sipped.

Avoid dairy foods (milk, cheese and yoghurt etc) wheat based foods, especially pasta and white bread, limit beans to just one small helping per day these foods work against your digestion. But shoots, stalks, flowers and stems will with work with the linseed to enhance its magic; eat lots of foods like spinach, cabbage and kale, stalks like rhubarb, celery and stems like asparagus, flowers including broccoli and artichokes.

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