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Flax Farm and What we Offer (includes Discount Code)



Fresh, top quality flaxseed tastes naturally delicious – we source, sample and reserve the best of both organic and inorganic flaxseed in the UK.

Ground golden linseed

At Flax Farm we preserve the goodness by simply cold-milling to make ground flax and cold pressing to produce our flaxseed oil from which all our delicious, tasty and healthy products are made.



We love creating new Flaxjacks®, flaxseed porridges, and muesli; and we keep our products as healthy as possible by keeping fats and sugars low.  Apart from flaxseed we use only gluten free whole grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables and spices; and have no artificial anything in any of our products.  We even have vegan,dairy-free & no-added sugar ranges.

Overnight flax and oats Choice of 8 different varieties of Flax Farm porridge and muesli All are rich in ground flax goodness, no nuts and gluten free. All make brilliant Overnight Flax and Oats but technically we can't call that when made with our Special Buckwheat, Quinoa & Flax Porridge because it's oat-free but it's still really good. Flax (Linseed) Porirdge Fruity Flax Porridge Summer Flax Porridge Flax Booster Porridge Special Buckwheat, Quinoa & Flax Porridge (Oat-free) Traditional Flax Muesli Super-Seedy Flax Porridge-Muesli

Flaxjacks Gluten-free Flapjacks


We have created a mid-October discount code for all new and existing clients –



Save 5% on all orders between 12th & 26th October 2023 using coupon code MIDOCT5*

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* May not be used in conjunction with any other discount codes

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