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Make your own lowest sugar linseed Flapjack

Molasses Linseed Flaxjacks luxury healthy gluten-free vegan flapjacks

The sad news and the good news

The sad news is we have decided to discontinue the Molasses Flaxjacks. They have been very popular especially with people trying to reduce their sugar intake and I love them but they are a little too crumbly to be practical. The good news is we are sharing the recipe with you so you can make your own delicious ultra-low sugar Molasses linseed Flapjacks.

A super healthy bar

It is easy to think of molasses as being a sugary food but actually it’s far from it, it’s chock full of nutrients and when combined with ground linseed in our Molasses bar it’s actually very low in sugar for a cake and very tasty. It has the intense flavour of muscovado sugar in a rich, high-fibre, low-sugar linseed bar.

Molasses is what’s left from extracting sugar from sugar cane (or other sugar-containing crops) We always used Meridian Organic Blackstrap Molasses.  It is produced in South America and is a natural by-product of traditional sugar cane refining. It is the “third extraction” which is the lowest in sugar and has the highest concentration of minerals (high in Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium plus Manganese, Selenium and Copper).

Make your own low sugar healthy bars, easy – only three ingredients

We are sharing our recipe with you so you can make your own molasses linseed Flapjacks.  All you need is just 3 ingredients bag of Flax Farm Linseed Porridge,  some organic molasses and coconut oil or butter.

To be OMS-friendly we suggest you replace the coconut oil with Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil and add a mashed banana to the mix.

There are also other healthy sugar-free bars, cookies, biscuits and desserts recipes on the Flax Farm website.

Don’t want to bake but need low-sugar or Sugar-free

We are baking sugar-free Flaxjacks several times every week. We are always trying to increase our range of no-added-sugar Flaxjacks, these are high-fibre full of good things and make good alternatives to the Low Sugar Molasses Flaxjacks.

We have lots of Sugar-free Flaxjacks to choose from.   Have a look at the Sugar-free, No-added-sugar, Flaxjacks section

Special Free-from, no-added sugar trial mixed 4-pack: 1 x Carrot Cake, 1 x Courgette & Apple, 1 x Fruit Cake and 1 x Ginger Parkin 
Special Free-from, no-added-sugar trial mixed 4-pack: 1 x Carrot Cake, 1 x Courgette & Apple, 1 x Fruit Cake and 1 x Ginger Parkin




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