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Why Flaxjacks® are great

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We have just returned from Wisley’s Taste of Autumn, our first public event since Covid started. We met lots of regular customers and made lots of new friends.  We were asked lots of questions about Flaxjacks and thought it would be useful to answer them here for our website customers.

Flaxjacks at Wisley Garden show Cuckfield


What’s a Flaxjack?

Flaxjacks are luxury flapjacks made with Flax Farm freshly cold-milled ground linseed (flaxseed) they are naturally tastier and healthier than traditional flapjacks. We originally made Flaxjacks in 2004 just so people could find out what our ground linseed tasted like.  Since then Flaxjacks have become a popular product for several reasons.

Very flavoursome

Flaxjacks are very delicious flapjacks that contain up to 50% ground linseed which naturally gives a rich nutty, buttery flavour. They are also lighter but more sustaining. We use less sugar and butter in Flaxjacks compared to traditional Flapjacks.

Flaxjacks linseed flax flapjacks
Flaxjacks, some of Flax Farm’s range of linseed flapjacks


Linseed Flaxjacks have less butter and sugar, some varieties are sugar-free and have no butter, which makes Flaxjacks healthier but it isn’t just what’s not in them but they also have all the natural goodness of ground linseed. Linseed is a naturally gluten-free food so it seemed only sensible to make sure our Flaxjacks are gluten-free so we only use special gluten-free oats which are grown on separate farms and harvested with machinery not used for other grains.

Healthier compared with traditional flapjacks:

  • Up to 5g omega-3 in each bar – that’s more than in a slice of salmon!
  • Double the fibre
  • Twice as much soluble fibre
  • More protein
  • Lots of antioxidants
  • Lower glycaemic index
  • More slow-release and sustaining
  • Gluten-free
Blackcurrant Flaxjacks Gluten-free Flapjacks
Blackcurrant Flaxjacks Gluten-free Flapjacks


Flax Farm is very fussy about ingredients. We are always looking for the healthiest and tastiest options so we only use ingredients you would want to buy and put in your own baking.  We never use “flavourings” but instead use freshly squeezed and zested oranges and lemons, real fruit and berries, lots of seeds and the best fresh spices.

17 x varieties

4 x selection packs

16 x dairy-free

6 x bake@home Flaxjack Traybakes

8 x no saturated fat

9 x lower-sugar/no added sugar


Special diet options

Several of the Flax Farm team have special dietary requirements so we work hard to make sure our special diet Flaxjacks are every bit as healthy and delicious as our traditional Flaxjacks.  We are pretty sure we succeed because our dairy-free ­­­­­­and sugar-free varieties are just as popular as our regular varieties.  Flaxjacks contain no nuts, no eggs.

  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Vegan
  • No added sugar
  • No saturated fat
  • No oats

Can I make my own Flaxjacks?

Yes, you can certainly make your own linseed flapjacks. We never thought we’d be making them, we thought we’d just make a few Flaxjacks as tasters then people would buy the ground linseed from us and make their own so we are really pleased when we hear someone is making their own.  There are four different ways and several tips for making dairy-free, sugar-free and no saturated fat alternatives. Read more

Recipe to make your own healthy Flapjack with Flax Farm freshly-milled cold-ground linseed (flaxseed).
Recipe to make your own healthy Flapjack with Flax Farm freshly-milled cold-ground linseed (flaxseed).


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