Bake@Home Flaxjack Traybakes – Flaxseed | Cold-pressed Flax oil | Milled Flax Seed | Handmade Flaxjacks

We have created scrummy Bake@Home Flaxjacks® after many requests. Lots of people have said they’d love to be able to make Flaxjacks at home but they never turn as well as the ones we cook. So now you can bake the very best and enjoy the smell of fresh baking and Flaxjacks warm from your own oven.  Convenient. Store in Freezer. Cook from frozen.  Bake@Home luxury flapjacks. Healthier, tastier, Fresher. All the goodness of freshly milled, Flax Farm Linseed (flaxseed) Rich in omega-3, Fibre. Tummy friendly. Special free-from diet options are available.