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Traditional Flaxjacks® x 6 selection pack


Flaxjacks® are super tasty flapjacks made with our freshly ground linseed

  • Ideal for travelling
  • Lunchboxes
  • Quick breakfast
  • Teatime treat
  • With a cup of coffee at Elevenses 
  • During endurance sport

Lght but filling and sustaining  |  Always Wheat-Free & no nuts  |  Low GI  |  Rich in Omega 3 and fibre  |  Delicious and not too sweet

Flax Farm’s traditional Flaxjacks selection pack is ideal for a super and tasty lunchbox filler for the kids. 2 x original bronze, 2 x golden vanilla and 2 x pot luck (usually cranberry, apple and cinnamon or seasonal specials).

The world’s best flapjacks? Flax Farm freshly ground linseed is our special ingredient that makes them lighter, tastier and low GI, it also means we use less butter and sugar;and of course add lots of omega-3 and fibre to make each Flaxjack® a real treat.

Weight 510 g