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Flax Farm Mail-Order & Testimonials

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Get yourself something healthy and delicious delivered.

The Farmers Markets have been stopped so all our Flax Farm Linseed (flaxseed) products go out mail-order at the moment. You can place orders online or just phone us up on 01403 268844.  Treats for all the family.

Linseed (flax) and Flaxjacks, luxury flapjacks, ordered online and testimonial
This has just arrived! Thank you Clare..Topping Good Service😄X💐

Our range of products includes:

Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil – omega-3, great forthe immune system,  joints and skin. Summer is coming so using it; see our recipes for salad dressings, it’s a great way to start using it.

Cold-milled gold and bronze ground linseed    Carb-free, great for digestion and hormones. Just stir it into anything, breakfast, desserts, baking soups and sauce.

Mail order luxury handmade flapjacks and cakes
Literally just arrived, Augusta loves the carrot one, hope they last the day!! Yum Clare

Flaxjacks®, super yummy, luxury flapjacks make with a good helping of ground linseed in each slice which means they are quite a lot healthier than other flapjacks. Rich in omega-3 and dietary fibre, there’s enough of each to make a noticeable difference to health. However, what most people really like about our Flaxjacks®  is the flavour ” Best flapjacks ever” to quote what our customers say every day. All are naturally gluten-free, free-from options to suit almost everyone’s requirements, including no added sugar, suitable for diabetic diets.

Mail order linseed flax oil and luxury linseed flapjacks
Mine too…I only orders the other day..going to keep some for bribes for neighbours for getting shopping etc..just had half a choc one and half a ginger one…Yum.. going to now hide them!!!

Flax Farm Linseed Porridge & Muesli, a good way to get t good helping of ground linseed, tasty breakfasts to start the day. I find I eat so much less after a helping they are a real help to weigh control. No added sugar, gluten-free. Our porridge if great for making  Flaxjacks at home. Just use instead of oats in your best flapjack recipe, reduce butter by about a third and reduce the sugar by 25% and add about three-quarters of a teaspoon of water or milk.

Online flax delivery luxury flapjack gift service
… and her husband loves them too xxx had the cheese one today, beyond yum xxx
The lady I spoke to yesterday was charming xx
Hi Clare, just to say , Clemmie got the flaxjacks today, she loves them xxx

Order for Next Day Delivery

Order online or over the phone by midday and we can usually get your delivery out for the next working day. However, be aware, we don’t usually dispatch on Fridays. We prioritise orders for therapeutic diets such as the OMS, Overcoming MS recovery program and the Budwig Diet.

Mail order linseed flax oil and luxury linseed flapjacks
Wow! Look what’s just arrived!! Thanks Clare 🤗💕😘

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