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Michael Mosley on the BBC: Just One Thing – Flax for Beauty, Healthy Skin and Weight Control

Flaxseed for healthy blood sugar levels and diabetes

Dr Michael Mosely explains that being a rich source of omega-3, ALA, and antioxidants is why flax has widespread health benefits and reports using flax can also have beauty benefits.
Good for Skin
Moisturising from the Inside
Weight control  and health benefits
Lighter and Brighter, Helps make better food choices
How to Use Flaxseed
Dr Michael Mosely – Just One Thing – Flax – a great tip for health

In the podcast on 18th April 2024 the BBC’s Podcast Just One Thing with Dr Michael Mosely -Try Flax covers how effective flax can be in improving the health of many of the body’s systems. Many interesting points are made and are backed up by the in-depth research of Dr Grant Pierce of University of Manitoba in Canada and the podcast’s test volunteer, Rana, a practice manager from North London and her family.

Good for Skin

A German study showed flax had a favourable impact on the body’s largest organ, the skin. In the study women with sensitive skin took 2g flaxseed oil per day approximately half a teaspoon for a month.

The study showed several noticeable benefits of flaxseed omega-3, ALA (alpha linolenic fatty acid). These were reported in the German study as being:

  • Improved skin quality
  • Better  hydration
  • Increased smoothness
  • Decreased sensitivity

Consuming flaxseed oil isn’t like like putting moisturisers on your face to look better; flaxseed oil works from the inside, the glow of healthy supple skin you see on the outside is a reflection of the body being healthier on the inside. Flax oil gives your skin the essential nutrients in the way it needs.

Organic Cold-pressed flaxseed linseed oil
Organic Cold-Pressed Flaxseed/Linseed Oil for ALA, Omega-3

“Moisturising from the inside”

Flax Farm started as a direct result of the difference flaxseed oil can make to the skin. I experienced the benefit to the skin 20 years ago I was given some flaxseed oil a friend had made.  At the time I had terribly dry skin, it was horribly sensitive and reacted to everything. I wasn’t keen and had no idea it could have any impact on my health, but my friend explained it was omega-3 which like vitamin C was an essential nutrient and asked where was I getting my omega-3, so I gave in and added 1 teaspoon of flaxseed oil to my breakfast for three days; on the fourth morning my skin was no longer dry. Imagine my amazement.  Flushed with success I increased my flaxseed oil intake to 2 teaspoons a day and my skin improved so much that sensitivity was a thing of the past and I no longer needed to moisturise because my skin was supple and healthy.

Cold-pressed linseed oil for hens and poultry
Flax Farm Flaxseed Oil a rich source of Omega-3, ALA

Weight control and health benefits

From then I have had all the benefits Dr Mosely discusses including helping me avoid the conditions he mentions that affects other members of my family. I also lost over three stone and kept it off easily and am the only one in my family not to have a problem with my weight. I put this down to the omega-3 in flaxseed oil helping “burn off” calories better and reduce cravings; the ground linseed helped fill me up properly so I am far more resistant to temptation of sweets and snacks.

Many other studies and diets have shown the science  of why ground flaxseed and omega-3 flaxseed oil is important for weight control.

Ground golden linseed
Ground golden linseed (flax) high in fibre

Lighter and Brighter, Helps make better food choices

Rana, Dr Mosely’s test volunteer  was  recommended to use one tablespoon of ground flax per day increasing to two tablespoons and adding it to anything from porridge, to baked goods and even salad. This is how Flax farm recommends taking ground flax. Rana said before she had “lacked the time and discipline” to get the habit of consuming ground flax daily and her flaxseeds stayed in the cupboard with other “healthy” foods. Having ready ground flaxseed means it takes no time and makes it easier get the good flax habit.

When you consume ground flaxseed  regularly in the right quantity, you feel better and your body learns how good it is for you and you find yourself wanting your flax. Done the right way the flax habit is easy.  Rana is quoted as saying “she feels lighter and brighter”. How good is that for feeling the benefits?

One of the ways Flax can help you feel lighter is because it aids the digestion and another aspect of Flaxseed, which Rana noticed was that it helped her “make healthier food choices for the rest of the day”, this is certainly something I noticed quickly with Flax.  Rana also says her family now adds ground flax to their diet too, great to see people readily changing to a healthier diet but that’s flax for you. We always say it is the low hanging fruit of changing to a healthier diet and it is often the food that first shows you that you can feel and look better by eating better, once that happens it is easier to make more healthy food choices, just as Rana found.

How to use Flaxseed

Dr Grant Pierce, from the University of Manitoba in Canada, explained that flaxseed must be ground or the seeds go straight through you and you don’t get the benefits. Correctly ground flaxseed, stores well for several months in a dark cool place.

Flax farm has lots of great ideas for using ground flaxseed, incorporating flaxseed oil into meals and delicious, easy, family friendly recipes.

Just one thing, Flax – a great tip for health

Thank you Dr Mosely for your great podcast on Flax. Whatever reason people start taking flax, it’s a great tip for health. Even if they first start taking flax for what appears to be a trivial reason such as improving the smoothness of their skin we know they will also be experiencing important health benefits on the inside.






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